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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Launches in India
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Apple Event 2021: In the Apple event, including the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, our focus will also be on software.  We are constantly bringing you the updates of the event in simple words.  Apple iPhone 13 Launch: Frequent updates of Apple events, with you every minute, in simple words.  From iPhone 13 to Apple Watch Series 7, what is being given special, we will tell you everything through this live blog.  Stay tuned with us.  iPhone 13 Will this time disappoint Apple fans or will iPhone be able to show its amazing once again 

About Apple Live Event 2021

The Apple event is over, in addition to the iPhone 13 series, the company has also launched iPad Mini and iPad 2021.  Apart from this, Apple Watch Series 7 has also been launched.  You can read and see in detail about all these products on our website. 

  • Event over, four models of iPhone 13 series launched
  • These products have been launched in today’s Apple event.
  • iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Mini, Phone 13 Mini
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad 2021
  • iPhone 13 Pro Price Starts From $999 

The price of iPhone 13 Pro starts at $1099.  The sale will start from September 24.  Total four new iPhones have been launched today. 

Apple Event 2021: One day battery life in iPhone 13 Pro

Compared to the previous generation iPhone, these iPhones will get more battery backup.  According to the company, you can run the iPhone 13 Pro for a day after full charge.  The company has not told how much power the battery is.  It was not told before. 

Will the iPhone 13 Pro replace the film camera?

It was said in the Apple event that in the coming times, filmmakers will make films with the iPhone 13 Pro.  Joking aside, this is not possible.  But this can be a good option for small film makers. 

  • Professional Features for Video in iPhone 13 Pro Camera
  • iPhone 13 Pro is designed to record pro grade video.
  • Macro photography can also be done with iPhone 13 Pro 

Macro photography can be done from iPhone 13.  There are three cameras in which a macro, ultra wide and telephoto lens have been given.  The bokeh effect will mostly be created through software. 

iPhone 13 Pro has also been made better in terms of gaming

This time the company has kept a special focus on gaming.  From display to processor, the company has kept a lot in terms of gaming so that the gaming experience can be smoother than before. 

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Apple Event 2021: 1000 nits display brightness 

Pro Motion display has been given in iPhone 13 Pro, it has been given 120Hz refresh rate.  Although Pro Motion is just a name, the company has used OLED for the display panel. 

The new processor has 50% faster graphics 

According to Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro has more fast graphics than any smartphone. 

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iPhone 13 Pro Launch 

Three rear cameras have been given in the iPhone 13.  Tim Cook has called it the best iPhone ever.  as always… 

iPhone 13 has better camera than iPhone 12

Obviously, if this is a new iPhone, then the camera will also be better than the previous variant.  How much better it is, will be able to tell only after the review… 

iPhone 13 has Cinematic Mode 

This time the company has done something new in the camera and cinematic mode has been given.  The focus of the subject can be changed during the video and through this you can record in Dolby Vision. 

Credit: Apple

A15 Bionic chipset and OLED display in iPhone 13 

A new processor has been given in the new iPhone and there is more display brightness than before. 

Many fitness-related features in Apple Watch Series 7 

In the new edition of Apple Watch, more focus has been placed on fitness.  By taking a Fitness Plus subscription, you will also get a variety of training programs.  This time the blood pressure monitor feature is not provided . It was expected that this time a blood pressure monitor would be given in Apple Watch, but it did not happen.

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