International Day of Peace 2021 Theme, Quotes, Activities, Peace Mantra poster
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International Day of Peace 2021: What is the Mool Mantra for Peace in India

World Peace Day, or ‘International Day of Peace’, is celebrated every year on ’21 September’.  This day is considered an ideal of freedom, peace and happiness among all nations and peoples.  ‘World Peace Day’ is mainly celebrated to establish peace and non-violence on the whole earth.  Everyone loves peace.  Humans sacrifice most of their lives in search of it. 

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What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)Works, Types, Benefits & Limitations
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VPN Ban in India: What is VPN and How it Works? Know everything about VPN

Virtual private network services (VPNs) may be at risk in India as the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs is looking to ban them on the grounds of threat to combat cyber threats and other illegal activities.  According to media reports, the Committee noted that VPN apps and tools are readily available online through which cyber criminals remain anonymous online.  Which is not available in any country and the location also changes in VPN.  Thus demand a ban on its use (VPN Ban in India). 

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World Coconut Day 2021 History, Theme, Objective Benefits of Coconut & Quotes
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World Coconut Day 2021: History, Objective, Theme, Benefits of Coconut and Quotes

World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on ‘2nd September’.  The main objective of celebrating World Coconut Day is to make people aware of coconut cultivation and industry. Coconut farming and industry provide employment to about crores of people in India. On the day of Coconut Day, exhibitions of various items made of coconut are organized. Coconut fruit is used in completely different forms. 

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International Day Against Nuclear Testing Theme, Quotes, Purpose
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International Day Against Nuclear Testing: War is Not A Solution of Any Problem

International Day Against Nuclear Testing is being celebrated globally since 2010 on 29 August.  The day aims to raise awareness of the effects of nuclear weapon test explosions or any other nuclear explosions and the need for their elimination as one of the means to achieve the goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world.

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International Senior Citizens Day Theme, Quotes, History, Date, India
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International Senior Citizens Day 2021: Senior Citizens are the Root of the World

International Senior Citizens Day is celebrated every year on 21st August. It was first announced in 1990 by the United Nations General Assembly on 14 December.  For the first time the holiday was celebrated on 1 October 1991.  The day has been started to raise awareness about the factors affecting older people and their issues which include deterioration in health with increasing age and abuse of elderly people.  This day is also celebrated for the contribution made by the elderly people towards the society. 

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Never Give Up Day 2021 Date 18 August, Motivational Quotes, Messages
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Motivation Quotes, Messages & Slogans For Sharing on Never Give Up Day 2021

Today we will give you complete information about Never Give Up Day 2021. Not to give up, you have to start with the determination to not give up. You have to maintain his mindset at all times. Which helps you to improve the tough times challenges. You have to choose that path. This is a very necessary and important day to inspire ourselves and others as well as to remember us as well.  You can learn a lot from the biography of those people who have never given up in their life. We should use this day not only to help people reach their goals. Rather, one should also support those who are trying to achieve their goal now.  And still haven’t been able to get there. But they are walking tirelessly on that path. 

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