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World Heart Day 2021 Quotes, Theme, History, Healthy Tips, Celebration

World Heart Day 2021: Keep your Heart Healthy by doing this

World Heart Day 2021: Heart related problems can be solved by active participation of common heath day.  Various government and private organizations including NGOs all around the world are working to spread awareness about CVD (cardio vascular disease - the world's number one killer). 

World Pharmacist Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, History, Speech, Importance

World Pharmacist Day 2021: Who is the Most Famous Pharmacist in the World?

World Pharmacist Day 2021: Pharmacists are always ready for the welfare of the people.  Today World Pharmacist Day is being celebrated all over the world.  This day is dedicated to pharmacists around the world.  Along with doctors, pharmacists also play a big role in our staying healthy and living a happy life. Pharmacist is also called chemist, it is a person who has complete knowledge about medicines. 

World Patient Safety Day 2021 Theme, History, Quotes and Objectives

World Patient Safety Day 2021: History, Objectives and Theme

World Patient Safety Day 2021: World Patient Safety Day is observed globally on 17 September to create awareness around the world about patient safety and to increase coordination and action as well as global understanding about patient safety.  The theme of World Patient Safety Day 2021 is “Act now for safe and respectful childbirth!” A Priority for Patient Safety. 

World Coconut Day 2021 History, Theme, Objective Benefits of Coconut & Quotes

World Coconut Day 2021: History, Objective, Theme, Benefits of Coconut and Quotes

World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on '2nd September'.  The main objective of celebrating World Coconut Day is to make people aware of coconut cultivation and industry. Coconut farming and industry provide employment to about crores of people in India. On the day of Coconut Day, exhibitions of various items made of coconut are organized. Coconut fruit is used in completely different forms. 

immune system booster foods in hindi

Immune System Booster Foods: इम्यून सिस्टम क्या है? यह हमें कोरोना वायरस के अटैक से कैसे बचाएगा?

Immune System Booster Foods: कोरोनावायरस (Coronavirus) की चपेट में ज्यादातर वो लोग आए हैं जिनका इम्यून सिस्टम (Immune System) कमजोर है इसलिए कोविड-19 (Covid-19) से बचने के लिए आपको देर ना करते हुए अपना इम्यून सिस्टम मजबूत बनाना ही होगा। पूरा देश इन दिनों कोविड की दूसरी लहर की मार झेल रहा है। यह लहर...