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China India War History and Reason National Solidarity Day 2021
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The history of the war between China and India dates back to 1962.  India had to face defeat in this war.  For which many reasons came to the fore.  At that time, India had to face defeat due to defense forces and political forces.  Many soldiers were martyred in this.  The effect of this result was very bad for India and China, especially for India.  The day this war started, people still remember that day for ‘National Unity Day’.  The history of this war, the failure of India and its reason is shown here. 

China India War History

China India War History in English

History of India A terrible war recorded in the pages of history, which took place between India and China in 1962.  India had to face defeat in this war, but this war taught our country the meaning of diplomacy.  Which the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru could not understand.  He himself admitted that he was treating it as just a normal quarrel, which could be ended through dialogue.  He made it clear that India was far from reality in its own making.  Evidence was present in front of us to some extent, but we ignored it.

Behind the defeat in this war, the immediate government was put in the dock, President Shri Radhakrishnan himself made these allegations against the government.  It was clearly stated that this war was the result of negligence. 

Many pages of history also say that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel always had doubts about the intentions of China.  They used to address him on the face, something behind his back.  He himself mentioned this to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, but Nehru ji ignored this thing too.  Perhaps due to these carelessness, China attacked India and India had to face defeat, but this move of China caused a deep blow to its international image. 

China India War Date: National Solidarity Day 2021

China India War Date

China attacked India on 20 October 1962, this war lasted till 21 November.  India had to face defeat in this war.  October 20 is remembered every year as National Solidarity Day (China attacked India on that day).  Although China started small attacks on India from 1959 itself. 

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The atmosphere of tension on the border was deepening.  Perhaps the reason behind this was that at that time India had given refuge to the Dalai Lamal and this was not digested by China and it had made up its mind for war somewhere. 

China India war location

China India war location

India China differences have been going on since the independence of the country.  The 1962 war was a border war, but many reasons are given behind it.  This war took place on the north-eastern border of India.  According to the present situation, this area was Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai (desert area) of China, where this war took place.  India is connected to China by the borders of Nepal, Bhutan and present-day Tibet, thus there are three important borders between India and China. 

China India War Result

The first indication of this war was received from the border attacks in 1959.  At that time, China had first created an atmosphere of war in Ladakh, Kongkala, which India could not understand.  After that, in 1962, there was a war for a month in both Arunachal Pradesh of India and Aksai areas of China.  This war deepened more between the high hills.  In this war, there were many mistakes in proper decision and action on the part of India, the responsibility of which was told to the officers of the government and important military at that time.  On November 21, China declared a ceasefire. 

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India was defeated, but China also announced to leave the occupied territories, only after that the war ended.  China’s image at the international level deteriorated, and this war also made it clear that there are many divisions in India’s politics.  Due to this war, mutual differences came to the fore and started showing up at the international level. 

Reason for India’s defeat in Indo-China war (India China war why India lost) 

There were many reasons for the defeat from China, but till date those reasons have not been discussed openly. 

  • Irresponsible behavior of Defense Minister and Commander: First of all, the finger in this matter was pointed at Krishna Menon, who was the Defense Minister at that time.  Along with them, Lieutenant General BM Kaul, who was then the commander of the North East region and he got this post because of the Defense Minister, while Kaul did not have the experience he should have for this post.  Kaul had no experience of any kind of war, yet he was made the commander. 
  • The Defense Minister was held responsible for this.  Kaul became ill in this war, but still fulfilled the responsibility of the war from home, due to which many military officers were not happy, but no one violated it on the face, because Kaul was very special to Menon.  The war progressed, but when the truth of Kaul and Menon came in front of everyone, the President himself opposed it and Menon was removed from the post of Defense Minister.  Action was also taken against Kaul. 
  • Failure of intelligence agency chiefs: Malik, who was the head of the intelligence agency at that time.  He did not properly examine the behavior of China towards India.  Nor could he formulate a proper policy.  On the signals of China, the intelligence agency also did not take any steps, nor did it force the military force to prepare beforehand. 
  • Prime Minister’s Negligence: Pandit Nehru was in the same thinking at that time, that China cannot fight because its relations with the Soviet Union are bad.  The result of such disobedience was this big war, which India had to fight only because of irresponsible actions and had to face defeat.  Military officers and intelligence agencies had the biggest hand in this, because these people could show the reality to Pandit Nehru, but these people did not have the power to tell him wrong on his face and China easily took advantage of it. 
  • The reason for the defeat in the war was also told not to use the proper air force.  American intelligence wrote that China did not have proper arrangements against air action.  Had India taken advantage of this, the outcome of the war would have been different. 
  • The last reason it was decided is that India did not have any right war policy, with which it would have been able to control this war. 

Action in India after China India war 

After this war, the government of India had to be subjected to intense criticism.  The President himself condemned the policies of the government and the defense forces.  As a result, Defense Minister Menon was removed from the post on 9 November.  Many soldiers were killed in the war, instability started coming in the country.  Due to this war, India came to know about the intention of China.

Credit: India Solidarity Day: Come out for India on October 2, sign the petition | NewsX

The slogan of Hindi Chinese Bhai Bhai was opposed and India understood the importance of diplomacy.  A committee was formed to find out the reasons for the defeat, in which General Henderson Brooks and PS Bhagat took appropriate action and the reasons were discovered and written in the Henderson-Brooks-Bhagat report.  Which till date has not been kept completely in front of everyone.  Perhaps the reason for this was that the main reason for this war was the failure of Prime Minister Nehru. 

Other disputes between India and China Some other disputes are also going on, such as: 

  • Sikkim dispute between India and China 
  • Doklam dispute between India Bhutan and China 

China India war relative movie 

Many stories are associated with this war. In one of those stories, a film has been made by actor Salman Khan, whose name is ‘Tubelight’.

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