Why and how do we celebrate the Diwali festival?

Diwali festival 2021 Why and how do we celebrate the Diwali
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Diwali is celebrated as a festival on the new moon of the month of Kartik.  Dhanteras (Lakshmi Puja) is celebrated two days before Diwali and Bhaiya Dooj (show of love between brothers and sisters towards each other) is celebrated two days later.  This year Diwali will be celebrated on November 12, 2023.

On this day, Rama returned with his wife Sita to Ayodhya after being imprisoned by Ravana for twelve years.  Lankapati Ravana kidnapped Sita.  Ram ji had sent a treaty proposal by Hanuman ji and asked to return Sita ji, but the evil Ravana did not agree.  Then Ram ji won Sita by killing Ravana in battle with the help of monkey army and with the blessings of Muninder Rishi ji. 

Before bringing Sita back to Ayodhya, Ram ji had taken Sita’s ordeal in which Sita ji passed

It is a matter of Tretayug, when Ram ji returned to Ayodhya after examining Sita ji, both of them had experienced fourteen years of exile.  On his return to Ayodhya, there was a wave of happiness that the city of Ayodhya would now get his king back.  The city was lit up in the light of lamps in the joy of their return home. 

Vishnu was born in the form of Ram due to curse

Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu, who had come to earth to suffer due to the curse of Narada.  Due to the curse of Narada, Vishnu had to spend one life in Tretayuga in the separation of women, whereas in Dwaparayuga, Vishnu had come in Krishna avatar, he had sixteen thousand queens. 

When Maryada Purushottam Ram set the limits of strings

Diwali festival 2023: The life of Rama and Sita was always full of sorrows.  As soon as the first marriage took place, he had to leave the palace and undergo exile.  There was a fear of animals in the forest, Sita ji was kidnapped from above by the demon Ravana.  Being married, Lakshman ji also willingly accepted to undergo exile along with his elder brother. 

  • It had been only two years since Rama and Sita had just returned from exile that in the domestic quarrel between the washerman and his wife, the washerman taunted his wife that, “I am not like Rama who had to spend twelve years in Ravana’s captivity to his wife.”  Keep it at home even later. 
  • This satire of the washerman pierced the heart of Ram ji and he decided that he would no longer listen to people’s sarcasm and would abandon Sita ji. 
  • No one on this earth has the pain of getting Sita ji out of the house by Ram ji.  Ram ji was also not free from the trap of anger, arrogance, attachment and greed.  If he were the real Maryada Purushottam, he would not have thrown his pregnant woman out of the house in a full night. 
  • The truth is that Rama is the master of the three worlds and the control of his intellect is in the hands of his father, Kaal.  He turns it on and off whenever he wants.  For example, Rama, being a god, could not know where Sita had gone or whether she was picked up by anyone?  Several crore soldiers, one lakh sons of Ravana and 1.25 lakh relatives were also killed in freeing Sita from the captivity of Ravana. 

Diwali festival: Ram ji cannot fulfill the wishes of the seeker

Diwali festival 2023: Ram ji is definitely called God, but his powers are very limited, he cannot bring alive even a dead person. When Lakshmana had gone into a state of coma at the time of war, Ram ji lamented a lot, then Hanuman ji flew away.  He brought Sanjeevani herb and Lakshmana’s life was saved. 

The priest of Brahma ji goes to the lok of Brahma ji and the priest of Shiva ji goes to the Shiva lok, the priest of Vishnu ji goes to the Vishnu lok and the priest of Brahma Kaal goes to the Brahmaloka.  It has been clarified in Gita Adhyay 8 Shlok 16 that the seekers who have gone to all the worlds till the time of Brahma remain in birth and death.  They return again and come above the earth.  The salvation of Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 4 and Adhyay 18 Shlok 62 was not attained, where after going, the seekers do not come back to the world.  The eternal supreme abode and ultimate peace is attained by those who are never born again, remain young forever, never die.  All the sur i.e. deities and sages and sages worship (serve) the above mentioned lords.  Therefore they do not attain salvation.  For more information, must read the book “Gita Tera Gyan Amrit“. 

कबीर, हरि नाम विष्णु का होई। विष्णु विष्णु जपै जो कोई।। जो विष्णु को कर्ता बतलावै। कहो जीव कैसे मुक्ति फल पावै।। बहुत प्रीति से विष्णु ध्यावै। सो जीव विष्णु पुरी में जावै।। विष्णु पुरी में निर्भय नाहीं। फिर के डार देय भूमाहीं।। 

जब मरे विष्णु मुरारि। कहाँ रहेंगे विष्णु पुजारी।। 

यह फल विष्णु भक्ति का भाई। सतगुरू मिले तो मुक्ति पाई।। 

Diwali festival 2023: Arbitrary worship is against scripture 

Ayodhya was never illuminated by lighting diyas after Sita ji was evicted.  When he returned, even bombs, phuljharis, rocket bombs, pomegranates etc. were not lit.  Neither gifts were exchanged.  The people of the present society are doing their arbitrary worship.  By claiming the happiness of fake Diwali, he has made the society a home of diseases.  

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The bomb crackers that are lit every year on Diwali generate deadly smoke which causes diseases like asthma and suffocation to children, old and young people.  Ravana’s effigy was never burnt.  Then where did this wrong tradition like celebrating Diwali every year and burning Ravana come from?  The basis of our devotion should be Gita, Vedas, Puranas, scriptures and scriptures.  Diwali and Ravana Dahan should be done in any book, it is not written.  On the day of Diwali, only smoke is visible in the sky. 

So why are people celebrating Diwali? 

That black night of Kartik Amavasya was the only day of happiness for Ayodhya when Ram ji returned to Ayodhya with Sita Mata.  It was not given the form of festival by Ram-Sita and the people of Ayodhya.  Diwali or any other festival which is being celebrated today has nothing to do with Gita, Vedas and other texts.  This is definitely a true story, but there is no use in celebrating it as a festival.  These are being celebrated only for entertainment and as a memorial.  The truth is that the union of Ram ji and Sita was not possible due to the curse.  Ram ji wanted to meet Sita ji but Sita did not even want to see her face, due to which Sita got absorbed in the lap of the earth and in the end, out of repentance, Ram ji took water in the Sarayu river. 

Diwali festival 2023: How was the origin of Lakshmi ji? 

On asking Pushpa ji, sixty-five years old, “Why do you celebrate Diwali!  So the answer was received, Lakshmi Puja is done on this day so that the blessings of Lakshmi ji continue to shower upon us and we also celebrate the return of Rama and Sita on this day. 

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When Kaal churned the ocean for the second time, he got three girls.  Durga Mata divided the three.  Prakriti (Durga) assumed her own three other forms (Savitra, Lakshmi and Parvati) and hid in the ocean.  The ocean came out during churning.  The same nature took three forms and gave Savitri to Lord Brahma, Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu, Parvati to Lord Shankar as wife.  All three enjoyed the pleasures, both Sur and Asura were born. 

“Fruit of the three deities and Brahma Sadhana” 

If you worship Vishnu ji and consider him to be the doer, then by chanting the name of Vishnu-Vishnu, you will go to the world of Vishnu, after finishing your virtue, you will be born again on earth.  One day Vishnu ji will also die.  Therefore, by the devotion of Shri Vishnu ji, one cannot attain liberation and the eternal place of Gita Adhyay 18 Shlok 62 and Adhyay 15 Shlok 4. 

Devotion to the three gunas is useless without true mantras

Diwali festival 2023: The reason for the devotion of the worshipers of Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva is limited only to the demand and fulfillment from the Lord.  Sadhak wants to keep asking God and in return performs aarti, geet and wrong mantra chanting.  The truth is that neither these three gods are real Gods nor can they give anything in return to the seekers.  We should wish for salvation, not wealth, property, children and home, from God. 

Diwali festival 2023: Purna Parmatma is the grandfather of Ram Bhagwan

Kaal Jyoti Niranjan is the father of Ram ji and God Kabir Saheb Jyoti Niranjan is the father of Kaal.  Kaal is the seventeenth child of Kabir Sahib.  The curse of time brought us to this earth.  Durga is his wife and Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar are his three sons, these five together keep man entangled here.  Sometimes by celebrating a festival and sometimes by keeping a fast. 

God is never pleased with those who celebrate these fake festivals

Satbhakti is the essence of life.  The worshipers of Trigun Maya want only wealth, children, high status and Maya from their deity and in this their lives are wasted.  Ram ji who is an incarnation of Vishnu ji is the Satgun.  Their task is to keep the soul always entangled in Maya and delusion.  Only those who do Sat-Bhakti can come out of their Chakravyuh, who recognizes Kabir Ji and knows Kaal. 

If you want to take benefit from God, then his method is simple and straightforward, to get Tatvgyan and go to the shelter of a Tatvdarshi Saint.  Must read book “Gyan Ganga”. 

God Kabir has said that :- 

“तीन देव की जो करते भक्ति, उनकी कबहु ना होवे मुक्ति।” 

Meaning:- Supreme God Kabir ji has said that the seekers who do devotion to the three gods, Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiva, by mistake, can never be liberated.  The same evidence is also found in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 12 to 15 and 20 to 23.  It is said that the seekers worship the three gods (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu and Tamgun Shiva) as doers and worship them.  Not ready to listen to anyone else.  Those whose knowledge has been defeated, that is, those who have unwavering faith in these three deities, they are possessed of demonic nature, they are foolish among human beings, who do bad deeds (bad deeds).  

The giver of the knowledge of Gita has said that they do not worship Me (Kaal Brahm i.e. Jyoti Niranjan).  I have given some power to those deities.  But this worship of the ignorant ones who worship him gives momentary happiness.  On attaining heaven, they soon fall in the cycle of birth and death. 

The worshipers of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Lakshmi should know their correct devotional method.  Every human should do the Satbhakti given by the Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji.  Sat-bhakti will take man out of the darkness of ignorance and take him to the light of knowledge.  The real Diwali should be celebrated by every human being because Kabir Saheb Ji is present on earth in the form of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.  Diwali of Satbhakti is celebrated every day at the homes of those who do real devotion to God.  Watch this Diwali family satsang on Sadhna channel at 7:30-8:30 pm.

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