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Indian Armed Forces Flag Day History, Quotes, Significance AFSPA
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Indian Armed Forces Flag Day: ‘Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 2021’ is celebrated with pomp across the country, take a look at its history and importance. Soldiers are one of the biggest assets of any country and they play an important role in keeping the country safe and intact.  Indian Armed Forces Flag Day has over the years become a tradition to celebrate this day as a mark of respect to the soldiers, sailors and airmen of India.  The three branches of the Armed Forces- the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy organize a variety of events to showcase their efforts towards national security. 

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is being celebrated today i.e. on 7th December, this day is celebrated in honor of the martyrs and the soldiers who lost their lives for the defense of the country.  This day is for all the soldiers of our country, the countrymen pay homage to the martyred soldiers on this day.  The countrymen also greet each other on the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day.  It is celebrated every year in India on 7th December since 1949. 

Armed Forces Flag Day or Jhanda Diwas is a day dedicated to the collection of funds from the people of India for the welfare of the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces.  It is celebrated annually in India on 7th December since 1949.  There are three main objectives of fundraising on Armed Forces Flag Day- 

Objectives of Fundraising on Armed Forces Flag Day

  • Cooperation in the loss of life during the war 
  • For the welfare and cooperation of the personnel serving in the army and their families. 
  • For the welfare of retired personnel and their families 

On this day, money-collection is done by distributing the insignia flag of the armed forces.  The three colors (red, dark blue and light blue) in this flag represent the three armies.

When is ‘Indian Armed Forces Flag Day’ celebrated? 

Armed Forces Flag Day or Flag Day is celebrated every year on 7th December, with the main objective of expressing gratitude to the soldiers of the Indian Army to collect funds for the army, which are needed only after independence for the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces and the Army.  For welfare, if you also want to contribute your contribution to the army, then you can contribute by visiting the website of Kendriya Sainik Board. 

Significance of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

This day is celebrated for the rehabilitation of the martyrs and wounded soldiers in the war.  It has great significance as it brings to the fore our commitment to take care of the war wounded soldiers, Veer Naris and the families of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country.  Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is primarily for the welfare of soldiers and their families, the welfare of ex-servicemen and their families. 

History of Armed Forces Flag Day

Since 1949, December 7 is celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day all over the country to honor the martyrs and those in uniform who bravely fought the enemies on the borders of the country to protect the honor of the country and gave their lives.  Everything has been sacrificed.  Soldiers are the asset of any country.  They are the protectors of the nation and protect the citizens at any cost.  Soldiers have sacrificed many things in their lives to fulfill their duties.  The nation will always be indebted to these brave sons who have dedicated their lives in the service of the motherland. 

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It is our duty to appreciate not only the martyrs and soldiers but also their families who are an important part of this sacrifice.  Apart from government assistance at the central and state level, it is the collective duty of every citizen of our country to make voluntary contributions towards providing care, assistance, rehabilitation and financial assistance to them.  Jhanda Diwas ensures our commitment to take care of martyrs, disabled ex-servicemen, war widows, dependents of martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country. 

Armed Forces Flag Day Quotes

  • We live by chance, we love by choice, we kill by profession.” -Officers Training Academy, Chennai.
  • “There is the National Flag. He must be cold, indeed, who can look upon its folds rippling in the breeze without pride of the country.”
  • “We are safe, happy, smiling because we have our armed forces taking charge of their duties.”
  • “Only the Best of Friends and Worst of Enemies Visit Us.” – Indian Army
  • “An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.” – Alexander the Great
  • “War is not just a shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also a shower of blood and bones on both sides.” – Amit Kalantri
  • For the battles, they have fought for us, for the glory they have brought to the nation. Let us salute our armed forces on Armed Forces Flag Day.
  • We feel safe and protected because we have our armed forces who are always on duty. Let’s show our support for all their hard work. Happy Indian Armed Forces Flag Day!
  • Let us celebrate the occasion of Indian Armed Forces Flag Day by being thankful to our armed forces for everything. Happy Indian Armed Forces Flag Day.
  • It is truly a blessing for India and for every Indian to have a strong-armed force like you. Warm wishes on Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 2021!
  • Wishing everyone a very Happy Armed Forces Flag Day. As an Indian, let us take pride in having such a courageous and zealous army.
  • On the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day, let us help our soldiers in whichever way we can to tell them that we are with them. Warm wishes on this significant day.
  • Warriors are not born, they are made in the Indian army.
  • Some goals are so worthwhile, it’s glorious even to fail. Happy Armed Forces Flag Day 2021!

What is Chief of Defense Staff 

  • This post has been formed to establish better relations between the three services – Army, Air Force and Navy.  The CDS will be the highest rank (all three services) officer of the armed forces of the country. 
  • In other words, CDS means a one-point military advisor to the government, who will coordinate the long-term planning, procurement, training and logistics of the three services.  The wars of the future are going to be shorter, faster, and network-focused.  Therefore, coordination between the three services is very important to strengthen the defense system of the country. 
  • Significantly, the CDS should have long experience and achievements of military service.  The post of Chief of Defense Staff can be given to the Chief of Army Staff, Navy or Air Force. 

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act: AFSPA

For the first time in India, the British government had implemented AFSPA through an ordinance in 1942 to crush the Quit India Movement.  After independence, in the year 1947, four different ordinances were brought according to the provisions of this ordinance to deal with the immediate disturbed situations.  In the year 1948, the Central Government combined these four ordinances and made a Comprehensive Armed Forces Special Powers Act.  Later this law was repealed by the Government of India in 1957 and the AFSPA Act was introduced in 1958. 

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Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act,1958

After independence, extremism was growing rapidly in the northeastern region of the country including Nagaland.  The need for the army was felt to deal with the insurgency.  On 11 September 1958, the Central Government passed the AFSPA Act to help the army in this action against extremism.  In the year 1972, some amendments were also made in it. 

Under this law, the central or state government has the right to declare any Indian territory as “disturbed”.  Under section (3) of the AFSPA Act, if an area is “disturbed” in the eyes of the central government, it must also be agreed by the state government whether that area is “disturbed” or not. But the state governments can only make suggestions.  The Governor or the Center has the power to accept or not to accept their suggestion. Once an area is declared ‘disturbed’ under AFSPA, security forces are deployed there for at least three months.

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