International Chefs Day 2023: History, Significance, Theme, Quotes and How to Observe it?

International Chefs Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, History, Significance
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International Chefs Day 2023: For all the delicious dishes we have on special and ordinary days, we give a simple thank you to the person who prepared the food for us.  There are chefs all around us.  You just need to walk around them or get their handmade goodness to feel the fact. For all the delicious things from around the world that are brought to our tables, there is a special day to honor their work.  International Chef Day is observed every year on 20 October to celebrate the noble profession and educate people around the world about healthy living. 

It is a day for experienced chefs to pass on their knowledge and culinary skills along with a sense of pride and commitment to the next generation. 

International Chefs Day History and Significance

International Chef's Day History and Significance

A renowned chef and former President of the World Association of Chef Societies (World Chefs), Dr.  Bill Gallagher created International Chefs Day in 2004. For sixteen years, World Chefs has used International Chefs Day to honor the profession and educate people about healthy eating. 

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Over the years, World Chefs has partnered with Nestle Professionals to educate kids about the importance of healthy eating by hosting fun workshops. 

International Chefs Day 2023 Theme

International Chefs Day will once again promote the theme: Growing Great Chefs.

International Chef's Day 2021 Theme

In 2023, International Chefs Day will also emphasize sustainability and the environment to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. It is vital for us to teach children about the impact that production and consumption of food has on the environment. 

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We will use this opportunity to teach children about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. With the Chef’s input, education and help, children will be able to create recipes out of healthy foods and support Healthy Food for the Future. 

How to observe International Chefs Day? 

There are many ways to participate in #INTERNATIONALCHEFSDAY.  Typically, chefs from around the world organize events to promote the profession, hold culinary competitions, and communicate with children about healthy eating through presentations.  But this year things are different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

How to observe International Chefs Day
  • To participate in the activities of the day, one can simply prepare a favorite recipe and share it with loved ones or teach someone how to make a recipe from scratch. 
  • As with most things going online this year, one can host a simple online cooking contest with friends. 
  • In addition, chefs from across the world are invited to host their ‘Healthy Food for the Future’ workshop in their respective regions. 
  • You can download Chef’s Toolkit by visiting  It contains useful information such as how to run a workshop, recipes and social media tips. 
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International Chef Day 2023 Quotes 

Now we are going to tell you how you can celebrate this day.  If you have small children in your house, then you can name your kitchen for them for a day so that they too can show their talent.  Apart from this, if you live in a big society, then you can organize a cooking competition there.  If you want, you can also give the Best Chef trophy as a reward to the winning contestants. 

  • Such a custom should be followed, food should not be wasted in the celebrations.
  • The taste of food is good only when you are hungry, or you have eaten something made by your mother. 
  • Calling a bad person for dinner or going to his house to eat, both are foolish. 
  • The positive side of hunger is that if people do not feel hungry, then they do not have to worry about many basic things.  And maybe then the bad things in the world grow wildly. 
  • You can make many people’s lives easier by saving food. 
  • Taking a walk after a meal is good for health. 
  • Snacking not only keeps you healthy, but it also prolongs life. 
  • Man has taken care of his food, but has either grabbed the natural sources of food of other living beings and has destroyed them.

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