International Internet Day 2023: Meaning, Brief History and Development of Internet in India

International Internet Day 2021 Mean, History & Development of Internet
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International Internet Day is celebrated worldwide on 29 October every year in memory of an important day in the history of telecommunications and technology.  The work of celebrating International Internet Day every year started from 2005. It was started in the year 1969 on the occasion of sending electronic messages through the Internet for the first time. 

Meaning of Internet

If you search the meaning of Internet in Hindi, then the word is found “Internet” A network by which computers all over the world are connected wired and wireless, you can also compare it with spider web because it is very complex network practical  The word “internet” is not used in the language, even many people refer to the Internet as simply the Net. The Internet is also known as WWW, that is, the World Wide Web.  The literal meaning of web is waves.

The Beginning and Brief History of the Internet 

  • In 1969, the US Department of Defense established the Internet to establish coordination between its various organs in an emergency when all other means of communication had failed.  The network that was formed in the beginning was called Arpanet. 
  • In 1972, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email using the Internet, Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of the same e-mail and the t sign (@) ie the rate  and the same email caused such a huge internet (  internet) of the network. 
  • In 1979 the British Post Office began using the new technology by creating the first international computer network. 
  • In 1983, Arpanet was split into two interconnected networks – ARPANET and MILNET.  This is where the formal beginning of the Internet is considered. 
  • In 1986, a network called NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) became associated with the Internet and gradually it opened its doors to the world.  Earlier the use of the Internet was allowed only for research and activities related to the army. 
  • 1989 Tim Berner Lee created the World Wide Web using browsers, pages and links to simplify communication on the Internet. 

Development of the Internet

Development of the Internet

In 1996 Google started a research project at Stanford University, which started working formally after two years, in which case progress was made and as a result of the gradual progress, the Internet took a bigger and bigger form.  Today you have the power of the Internet, through which you can do anything, you can get any information in a moment.  

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Today the internet is being used everywhere. In the last few years people have become attached to it in such a way that in the coming time you cannot imagine any technology without the internet, today no area is untouched by the internet. 

International Internet Day: Internet development in India

Internet development in India

Internet in India was developed by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited on August 15, 1985.  During this time the Internet was arranged in only four major metropolitan cities Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai. 

How does the Internet reach you? 

Fiber optic cable is used to reach the Internet at high speed all over the world, which is laid under the sea, with the help of these fiber optic cables the internet is reached all over the world. 

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

The data transfer speed of fiber optic cable is also higher than other cables, the reason is that data is transmitted in the form of electric current in all cables except fiber optic cable but data transmission in fiber optic cable is in the form of electric current.  

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It is done in the form of light and not in the form of light and due to fiber optic cable you are able to open in less than 1 second while its server is in America You will be surprised to know that 8 lakh kilometers in sea for internet  Fiber optic cables of greater length have been laid 

International Internet Day: Who accesses the internet? 

As we have told that the internet is reached to you by fiber optic cable but you use internet of Jio, Idea or airtel or some people take internet connection from local internet service provider (ISP) from their city, let’s understand  It is because of these three people that the Internet reached you, so on this basis Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are divided into different categories – 

  • TEAR 1 – is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has laid fiber optic cables in the sea, these are known as Tier 1 networks, including India’s company Tata Communications 
  • TEAR 2 – are Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that take Internet service from Tier 1 Networks and reach you, such as Jio, Idea, Vodafone etc. 
  • TEAR 3 – This is the Internet Service Provider (ISP), then they take internet service from TEAR 2 and provide service in their local area, they have the right to provide limited connection like Tikona
Today, the 29th of October, marks International Internet Day | Credit: SABC News

Is the internet free?

Yes internet is absolutely free, but what you are charged is the cost of bringing it to you, if internet is charged then you have to pay separate money to open and visit  Apart from this, thank God the internet is free 

Who owns the Internet ? 

So the answer to these question is clear that no one has the right on the Internet, that is, no one owns the Internet, everyone provides Internet service to you with the help of each other, everyone has the benefit of this.

Question- When is ‘International Internet Day’ celebrated? 

  • (a) 28 October 
  • (b) 29 October 
  • (c) 30 October 
  • (d) 26 October 

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