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International Left Handers Day History, Features for Left Handers People
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New Delhi: International Left Handers Day 2021- 13th August is the International Left Handers Day.  International Left Handers Day was celebrated for the first time on 13 August 1992. Today left handers around the world celebrate this day.  Many left handers of UP have illuminated the name of Uttar Pradesh in the country and the world.  Among them there are people who are lefty in many fields including cricket Suresh Raina, Bollywood’s famous actor Amitabh Bachchan, former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh, folk singer Malini Awasthi and President Ram Nath Kovind, including literature, art, politics, sports. 

History of International Left Handers Day

History of Left Handers Day

International Left Hander’s Day is celebrated for the first time by Left Handers Club on 13th August 1992, with the aim of celebrating this unique quality inside left handers as well as making people aware about its advantages and disadvantages.  It was first celebrated in 1976 by Dean R Campbell. Since then, this day is being celebrated all over the world so that people can take it in a positive way and celebrate it. 

International Left Handers 2021: Who are left handers?

Why are some peole left handers

Left handers’ means those people who do everything with their left hand.  Usually such people are considered abnormal, but there is a scientific reason behind using more left hands. According to the report, 7 percent of people worldwide are lefty, many people are lucky and some people call it a problem.

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It has been proved in some studies that whether someone is a right hander or a left hander is determined in the mother’s womb itself.  He may have inherited a particular type of gene from his parents.  It can be called left hand gene.  However, what are the reasons behind this gene, it is still being researched. 

Only 7-10% of the people in the world are left hander’s 

According to a research, only 7-10% of people around the world use the left hand.  Very few people know this but it is not easy to be a left hander in this world.  They have to face many kinds of problems.  Like most machines, things like computer mouse, keyboard are made for use with the right hand.  In such a situation, it becomes difficult for people who are lefty to use them. 

What’s so Special About being a lefty?

Boys are more left handed than girls, for which the testosterone hormone is responsible. Even some experts consider a minor injury to the brain at a young age to be responsible for it. Research suggests that left-handed people may have a lower risk of developing ulcers and arthritis.  They can also recover more quickly from a stroke.  

 Credit: Behind the News

An old article in the American Journal of Psychology suggests that left-handers may be better at divergent thinking, especially creative thought, than right-handers. 

International Left Handers Quotes

  • Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right.” — C.R. Manske
  • If the left half of the brain controls the right half of the body then only left handed people are in the right mind.” — W.C. Fields
  •  “God made everyone right-handed, only the truly gifted overcome it.” — Anonymous
  • Lefties – in great demand but limited supply!” — Anonymous
  • Damned infernal gizmo. My kingdom for a left-handed can opener.” — Montgomery Burns
  • All the decisive blows are struck left-handed.” — Walter Benjamin
  •  “The left-handed are precious; they take places which are inconvenient for the rest.” — Victor Hugo
  • I may be left handed, but I am always right.” — Anonymous
  • Left-Handers are not different because they are unique; They are unique because they are different.” — Peter-Cole C. Onele

Why are some people lefty? 

Embryonic development – Some researchers believe that environmental influences have a greater impact than genetics.  They say that environmental factors in the womb (including exposure to hormones) can influence whether a baby’s right or left arm will be stronger. 

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Some special features of Left Hander’s peoples. 

Some Special Features of Left Handers

In some research, some special characteristics of left handers have been told, due to which their specialty increases, such as-

  • Left handers are very quick to read.
  • Left handers have the ability to deliver the best in every field.
  • He uses his imagination more in the field of music and art.
  • Often lefties are creative thinkers.
  • He has a lot of interest in sports.

We believe in doing any work with perfection. And many such veteran personalities have proved by example that there is no such thing as right and left hand, it is a normal human condition that people should not change themselves at the behest of people.

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