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New Delhi: Today we have brought an article about International Literacy Day i.e. World Literacy Day.  In this article we will know why and how Literacy Day is celebrated, theme, history, essay, quotes etc. 

About World Literacy Day (International Literacy Day 2021)

Illiteracy is believed to be the root of most social problems. The progress of any country is not possible in the absence of literacy.  Whether literacy plays an important role in the areas of health awareness, skill development, economic and technological development. 

The literacy rate of West Asia and some African nations that became independent in the 20th century, especially the female literacy rate, is around 50%.  Which are very worrying.  The condition of education in the backward and tribal areas of India is also similar. 

World Literacy Day History

History of World Literacy Day

On 7 November 1965, the United Nations decided to celebrate International / World Literacy Day on 8 September every year to increase awareness among people about education and to draw the attention of people around the world.  Which starting from 1966 to 2021 has been organized for various programs. 

When and why is World Literacy Day celebrated? 

International Literacy Day will be celebrated at national and international level on 8 September this year also in 2021.  The biggest objective behind celebrating this day is that education should be promoted to all the sections of the society. 

  • Celebrating this day as a program is not enough.  Local, civic and national governments will also have to make positive steps and plans to increase the literacy rate.  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in India is an excellent step in this direction. 
  • In the field of education, if we look at the global scenario, then more than 80 crore youth have not yet joined education.  In such a large population, the largest number of uneducated people are women. 
  • That is, 2 out of 3 women are either completely illiterate or they have not been able to get regular education.  Often, girls are stopped sending school by the time they reach the primary or upper primary level. 
  • This thinking of the society is a matter of concern.  On the other hand there are 8 crore children in the age group of 6 to 14 years who are completely cut off from education.  Either they do child labor or they are engaged in household work. 
  • How to get out of this type of situation, how to reach the message of education to more and more people.  World Literacy Day is a welcome initiative in this direction. 

Saksharta Essay In English 2021 World Literacy Day Speech Essay For Students 

World Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 8 September.  Literacy can also be called ‘Education’ in other sense.  Being illiterate is a curse in today’s time. Every country is troubled by the social problem of illiteracy.  In this direction, the work of making people aware is done by celebrating Literacy Day every year by the United Nations. 

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Literacy literally means to be educated i.e. to have alphabetical knowledge.  In simple words, literacy means having the ability to read and write.  In today’s world it is inevitable for every person to be literate.  Without education any success is impossible.  In today’s time, the medium of knowledge has become so much that one can study even sitting at home. 

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The illiterate person remains deprived of all these facilities.  Like Kupmandup, he remains engrossed in his own little world.  He remains completely cut off from the real world.  He is neither able to use his democratic rights nor can he use the facilities.  Today it has become mandatory for a person to be literate.  Illiteracy has become a vice. 

That’s why nowadays everyone wants to read and write.  All kinds of efforts are made by both the government and the society.  So that in today’s time no citizen is deprived of education due to lack of facilities. Schools have been opened in every Basti locality.  Efforts are being made to provide education till that last child of the society.  Only then can the curse of illiteracy be eradicated in India. 

International Literacy Day 2021 | How to Draw International Literacy Day Poster Drawing | Credit: Misha.Prayu. Show

When everyone came forward and spread awareness among people about education.  If through these programs of Literacy Day, every Indian can connect with education in the 21st century, then this campaign will be a great achievement.  Not being literate of citizens of any country is the biggest misfortune of that country.  For advanced development, there should be a system of modern education.  On the other hand, if people are far from even alphabetical knowledge, then nothing can be said about that country and society. 

Origin of World Literacy Day

Education has a direct impact on the growth rate of the nation.  The country where most of its citizens are educated, the country moves fast on the path of progress. Keeping in view the importance of literacy in the world, UNESCO, the educational scientific and cultural organization of UNO, on 17 November 1965, it was decided to celebrate World Literacy Day on 8 September every year.  World Literacy Day was organized for the first time in the year 1966 itself. 

In real terms, education does not mean just by being educated.  Rather, the meaning of education is also related to awareness.  We should contribute in the development work of our society and country by reading and writing, only then we have the value of being educated in the true sense. Today our country is going through all the problems like poverty, superstition, carelessness towards health.  The only solution for which is education.  We can remove such evils from the society by promoting literacy. 

In literacy figures, even after 74 years of independence, women’s education, rural education system, very low level of education in most backward societies (Muslim community) can be seen even today.  As a result, the entire Indian society and country has to bear the brunt of this. 

World Literacy Day (International Literacy Day 2021) Theme 

All those people should be aware of education who have not been able to join it yet.  Properly received education not only gives knowledge to the person but also makes them capable of doing job and business in a good way. 

International Literacy Day (WorldLiteracy) theme
International Literacy Day (WorldLiteracy) theme

Governments have tried to attract people’s attention to this through attractive themes on Literacy Day organized every year.  In the last few years, the theme of Literacy Day was kept as follows. 

  • Literacy and Sustainable Society
  • Literacy and Sustainable Development 
  • Health and Literacy 
  • Literacy and Peace 
  • Social reform, economic growth and environmental protection through education 
  • Empowerment and Literacy 
  • Literacy and gender equality 
  • Literacy for the 21st Century

Facts about Literacy campaign in India 

Many times one thinks, can all people be educated?  Yes, the government has run many welfare schemes to promote the literacy program.

  • In which Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, adult education, mid-day meal for school children in the afternoon, various scholarship schemes, Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission. But even after several decades have passed since the beginning of these schemes, the expected results are not visible.  This may be due to lack of proper implementation and monitoring.
  • If we look at another measure to increase the literacy rate, then today people are taking the definition of education wrongly.  Education does not mean just earning a living and getting a job.  After getting education, it is not necessary that everyone should do a government job.  You can start your own business.  According to one figure, 40 lakh people graduate every year in India.
  • If they are made carriers of education, then it is possible to awaken the light of education to the remotest parts of the country.  If a teacher and a graduation student are given the goal of connecting an uneducated person with education, then every year more than 1 lakh people will be able to join education, who have been away from it till now. 

World Literacy Day Slogans & Quotes

World Literacy Day Quotes and Slogans
World Literacy Day Quotes and Slogans
  • This is what the people say, do not remain uneducated now. 
  • Everyone has the right to education, this time no one should be left behind. 
  • Will light a lamp with a lamp, will make the country literate. 
  • All the men and women of the country awake, prepare to be educated. 
  • Education is the light where darkness never stays where it burns. 
  • One who remains uneducated, regrets it for the rest of his life. 
  • Always keep this dream Reading, writing and teaching. 
  • When knowledge is to be attained, then books have to be made the basis.

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