How is International Men’s Day Celebrated in India? What is the History behind it?

International Men's Day Theme, History, Quotes and Significance
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Men’s Day: International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on November 19 to tell the importance of men and to wish for positive change in society and family. Let’s know about it in detail. International Men’s Day 2023: The image of men as an angry, violent and impatient human being has always been known in the world, from films to books, this form of men has been shown and depicted.  But the question arises that are men really human beings with such personality?  Or this definition spread among people is just a concept. 

International Men’s Day 2023 Date

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on 19 November to tell the importance of men globally and to wish for positive changes in society and family. This year in 2023, International Men’s Day is being celebrated on 19 November (Friday) with the theme ‘Better relations between men and women’, this day raises respect and awareness towards the well being of men. 

History & Why is International Men’s Day celebrated?

The Men’s Day was established by Dr. Jerome Tilak Singh, History Lecturer of West Indies on 19 November 1999.  By the way, since 1960, people were trying to celebrate International Men’s Day similar to International Women’s Day, they wanted to celebrate this day on 23 February.  But after hard efforts, people understood the importance of this day in 1999 and started it. 

Beginning of Men’s Day in India 

Men’s Day in India was started in 2007 by a woman named Uma Challa, a writer from Hyderabad. According to Uma Challa, when both Shiva and Shakti have equal importance in our culture, then there must be a day of celebration for men too. 

Objective of International Men’s Day

The Men’s Day is celebrated with the aim of honoring men and boys and improving relationships, and promoting gender equality.  Also, International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19 November every year with the aim of highlighting the positive role of male models, highlighting discrimination against men, their good health and well being and creating a safer and better world. 

International Men’s Day Theme 2023

The theme of International Men’s Day 2023 is ‘ZERO MALE SUICIDE‘.  So last year the theme of International Men’s Day 2020 was Better health for men and boys and the theme of 2019 was “Making for Men and Boys”.  

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The theme is to give importance to men and boys and to improve the health and well-being of men and boys globally. 

Significance of Men’s Day

We are living in a men’s health crisis globally.  Which goes unnoticed According to a report: 

  • 3 out of 4 suicides are male.  
  • Men live 6 years less than women. 
  • 95% of those who die at work are men. 

These figures show to what extent we are aware of the condition of men.  In such a situation, Men’s Day gives us a chance to recover. 

How is International Men’s Day celebrated?

To promote International Men’s Day, it is celebrated with a variety of events including public seminars, activities. Panel discussions and lectures, award ceremonies, art exhibitions are also organized on this day to attract the attention of the people.  Also, every year this important day is celebrated with a different theme.
Credit: Times of India

International Men’s Day 2023 Quotes 

“Big jobs usually go to men who prove their ability to outdo the smaller ones.”  – Theodore Roosevelt 

“A great man is hard on himself;  The little man is harsh on others.”  – Confucius 

“The wise man becomes free only when he is ready to die at any moment.”  – Diogenes 

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.”  — Akira Kurosawa 

“Good people are not those who do one good deed from time to time, but those who incorporate one good deed into another.”  – Henry Ward Beecher 

“Man is not made for defeat.  A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.”  – Ernest Hemingway 

“I’m a good man, and I’m going to be a better man.”  – chance the Rapper 

“A good man with a good conscience does not walk so fast.”  — George Buchner 

“The successful person will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.”  – Dale Carnegie. 

“The man who moves the mountain begins by picking up small stones.”  – Confucius

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