Noida International Airport Inauguration: PM Modi gave the gift of Jewar Airport, said – earlier UP used to listen to taunts, now the picture has changed

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Jewar Airport (Noida International Airport Inauguration) Area & Location
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Noida International Airport Inauguration: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gifted the Jewar airport to western UP.  He laid the foundation stone of Jewar airport.  During this, he also addressed the public meeting.  PM Modi said that earlier governments only used to make announcements, but we do not do so.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gifted the Jewar airport to western UP.  He laid the foundation stone of Jewar airport.  During this, he also addressed the public meeting.  PM Modi said that earlier governments only used to make announcements, but we do not do so.  He said that earlier there used to be tussle in Delhi and Lucknow.  The PM also said that the previous governments kept people in the dark. 

PM Modi said – we will move forward together 

PM Modi said that during the earlier governments, for which land was taken from farmers, but either there was a problem related to compensation, or the land was lying idle for years.  We also removed these obstacles in the interest of the farmer, in the interest of the country.  We ensured that the administration buys land from the farmers on time and then proceeded to do Bhoomi Pujan of this 30 thousand crore project. 

Noida International Airport Inauguration: He said that quality infrastructure facilities are being ensured.  Today the dream of common citizen’s air travel is also being fulfilled.  I am happy that in the last years, flights have started from 8 airports in UP alone, work on many is still going on.  Some political parties in our country have always kept their self-interest paramount.  These people are thinking of their selfishness, they used to consider their family as development.  While we walk on nation first.  Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas, this is our minister. 

What PM Modi spoke up on political parties

PM Modi said that what kind of politics was done by some political parties, everyone saw, but India did not move away from the politics of development.  Some time ago the difficult phase of 100 crore vaccine doses has been crossed.  This is what India has set the target of net zero by 2070.  The airport has been inaugurated in Kushinagar.  9 medical colleges were inaugurated in UP.  The work of Defense Corridor in Jhansi gained momentum.  Purvanchal Expressway was dedicated last week.  A very grand modern railway station has been inaugurated in Madhya Pradesh.  In Maharashtra, the foundation stone of hundreds of km of highway was laid and inaugurated.  The selfishness of some political parties cannot stand in front of our national service. 

He said that today, keeping in mind the needs of the 21st century in the country, work is going on at a fast pace.  This is the guarantee of a strong India.  Will play a leading role in UP with the government’s commitment to double engine.  Together we will move forward. 

PM said – if the project is delayed then fine will be imposed 

PM Modi said that the one whom the earlier governments showed false dreams, today the same UP is leaving an international mark.  Today UP is getting international level medical institutions, railways, highways, air connectivity.  That is why today the investors of the country and the world say UP means best facility, continuous investment.  It is giving new dimensions to this international identity of UP. 

Noida International Airport Inauguration: He said that this Jewar airport is also an example of how the governments that were earlier, ignored the development of western UP.  Two decades ago, the BJP government of UP had dreamed of this project, but later this airport was entangled in the tussle of the earlier governments in Delhi and Lucknow for many years.  The earlier government in UP had written a letter to the then central government asking that the airport project should be closed.  Now with the efforts of the government of double engine, today we are witnessing the Bhumi Pujan of the same airport. 

Noida International Airport Inauguration: Had Modi, Yogi wanted

He said that I will say one more thing.  Even if Modi-Yogi wanted, as soon as the government was formed in 2017, he would have come here and done the land worship, would have got the photographs taken, the press note would also have been printed in the newspaper and if we had done so, then we are doing something wrong due to the habit of the earlier governments,  It doesn’t seem like that either.  Earlier, project announcements were made like rabbis in a hurry, but how the projects would get off the ground, how they would remove the obstacles, from where they would arrange the funds, was never considered.  Because of this, projects were not ready for decades.  Announcement would happen.  But we did not do this, infrastructure is not politics for us, it is part of national policy.  We are making sure that the work gets completed on time.  We have made provision for penalty for delay. 

Working on many projects: Modi 

PM Modi said that thousands of employment opportunities are created during the construction of the airport.  Thousands are also needed to run smoothly.  Will give new employment to thousands of people of western UP.  Before being near the capital, such areas were not connected to the airport.  It was believed that it is in Delhi, we changed this thinking.  See today we have started Hindon airport for passenger services.  Similarly, work is going on at the airport in Hisar, Haryana.  

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When air connectivity increases, tourism also increases.  Whether it is the visit of Mata Vaishno Devi or Kedarnath Yatra, the number of devotees is increasing there.  He said that for the first time after 7 decades of independence, UP has started getting what it has always deserved.  Due to the efforts of the Government of Double Engine, today UP is turning into the most connected region of the country.  Work is being done on Rapid Rail Corridor, Expressway, Metro connectivity. 

Farmers will now be able to export directly: Modi 

Modi said that today we send 85 percent of the aircraft abroad for MRO service and 15 thousand crore rupees are spent every year behind this work.  This project is going to be made in 30 thousand crores.  Thousands of crores of rupees are spent, most of which goes to other countries.  Now this airport will help in changing this situation as well.  Through this, for the first time, the idea of ​​​​Antigrated Multi Modal Cargo Hub in the country is also being realized.  

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This will give a new impetus to the development of this entire region.  Will get a new flight.  We all know that for the states whose border is adjacent to the sea, there are ports, ports, huge assets, but for landlocked states like UP, the same role is played by the airport.  There are many such industrial areas in Aligarh, Mathura, Meerut, Agra, Bijnor, Moradabad, Bareilly.  There is also an ecosystem of service sector here.  And western UP also has a significant share in the agriculture sector.  Now the power of these areas will also increase.  Now the farmers here will be able to export the perishable produce like mate, fruits, vegetables, fish directly. 

Jewar Airport: Modi said – crores of people will benefit 

After the foundation stone, Prime Minister Modi also addressed the people.  He said that today along with the Bhumi Pujan of this airport, the famous jewelery for Dau Ji fair has also been inscribed on the international map.  Its huge benefit will be to crores of people of Delhi NCR and Western UP.  He said that the new India of the 21st century is building a better modern infrastructure than the one today.  Better roads, better rail network, better airports, these are not just infrastructure projects, but they transform the entire region, change lives of people.  

Credit: Narednra Modi

Everyone gets benefit from it.  Its strength increases when they have seamless connectivity, last mile connectivity.  This airport will also make a great model from the point of view of connectivity.  There will be every connectivity from taxi to metro and rail to come here.  As soon as you leave the airport, you can directly come to Yamuna Expressway. 

Yogi thanks farmers 

CM Yogi Adityanath said that after 2014 the citizens of India have seen the changing India.  Not only in normal days, how to protect each and every citizen, how to protect his life and livelihood, even during the global pandemic Corona.  He said that this is an important moment for western UP.  Once the farmers here had worked to increase the sweetness of sugarcane here, but some people had created a series of riots here.  He said that I will thank those 7 thousand farmers who themselves came and gave their land without any dispute. 

Scindia said – Today there is a different shine in the jewelry 

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that the glow of dream fulfillment is being seen in jewelry today and that glow is visible because Prime Minister Modi had taken the resolution to make that dream come true, it is going to be fulfilled.  This airport has very old history.  An investment of 34 thousand crores is going to come on this soil.  The first phase will be completed by 2024.  There will be movement of about 120 lakh passengers.  In the coming time from this airport, there will be development in many areas including Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad.  1 lakh employment opportunities will be created. 

What will be the specialties of Jewar Airport? 

It will be the largest airport in Asia and the first net zero emission airport, that is, completely free from pollution.  In terms of location, Jewar Airport will be 130 km from Agra and just 72 km from Delhi.  It will be 28 km from Greater Noida and 40 km from Noida.

Jewar Airport: What other gifts will PM Modi give? 

Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing a fast tour so that the lotus crop, which has been blooming in the state since 2014, can get enough fertilizer and water for 2022.  After inauguration of Kushinagar International Airport in eastern Uttar Pradesh, inauguration of Purvanchal Expressway and giving various gifts to Bundelkhand, PM Modi is now descending to worship western UP. 

Jewar Airport: Airport to be built on 3,500 acres 

This entire airport will be ready in 3,500 acres.  In the first phase, 1,327 hectares of land will be developed.  This airport will be 72 km from Delhi’s IGE Airport, 40 km from Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad, 28 km from Greater Noida, 65 km from Gurugram and 130 km from Agra.  This airport will also be linked to the proposed Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Rail, due to which the distance between Delhi and the airport will be covered in just 21 minutes. 

Asia’s largest airport 

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia claims that Jewar Airport will be the largest airport in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.  This is expected to create more than 1 lakh employment opportunities.  Jewar Airport will be the 10th airport of UP which has been built in the last 7 years.  It is claimed that soon there will be 17 airports here.  This airport will be completely ready by 2040-50.  After its completion, 7 crore passengers will travel by air every year from here.

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