Learn the lesson of Unity from God Kabir on 624th Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) 2023

Kabir Prakat Diwas 2021 Life History of God Kabir & Maghar Leela
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Last Updated on 02 June 2023, 1:25 PM IST | Kabir Prakat Diwas 2023: Kabir Saheb Ji appeared on a lotus flower in the year 1398 (Samvat 1455), on the full moon of Jyeshtha month at the time of Brahmamuharta. There are misconceptions regarding Kabir ji that he was born from the womb of a widowed Brahmin. But this is untrue. The history of India is divided into three periods, namely the early period, the medieval period and the modern period. The famous saints of the Bhakti Yuga of the medieval period, whom people know as Saint Kabir and whose couplets are still a precious heritage of literature. This is year 626th Kabir Prakat Diwas or Kabir Jayanti 2023 will be celebrated on 4th June.

Saint Kabir is actually the Supreme God who went about 626 years ago by preaching his philosophy. Respected Dharamdas ji, dear disciple of Kabir Saheb Ji, compiled the priceless speeches of Kabir Saheb in Kabir Sagar, Kabir Sakhi, etc. Apart from this, clear description of all the pastimes done by Kabir Saheb is described in our Vedas. 

The incarnation of God Kabir on the lotus flower 

Kabir Saheb appeared on a lotus flower in the year 1398 (Samvat 1455), on the full moon of Jyeshtha month during Brahmamuharta. There is a misconception about Kabir ji that he was born from the womb of a widowed Brahmin. But this is untrue. According to the method described in the Vedas, Supreme God Kabir Saheb came from Satlok in a bodily body by assuming the body of a light beam and incarnated on a lotus flower. Rishi Ashtanand ji was the direct witness of this incident. 

Kabir Prakat Diwas 2023 (Kabir Jayanti) : Parmeshwar Kabir Saheb Upbringing 

Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) | Neeru and Neema were childless Brahmin couple, who were chosen by Kabir Saheb as their parents. Actually their names were Gaurishankar and Saraswati. He was a true Shiva devotee. Other hypocrites brahmins were jealous of him. Muslim Qazis took advantage of this. After forcibly converting them, their names were changed to Noor Ali and Niyamat, which came to be called Neeru and Neema in Apabhramsa language. To earn a living, the couple started working as a weaver.

On the full moon of Jyeshtha, when Neeru and Neema also reached the Lahartara pond for bath, they found Kabir Saheb in the form of an infant on a lotus flower and then brought the child home with them. 

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Neema’s son (Kabir Saheb Ji) had not consumed anything for 25 days but was as strong as a child who drinks one kilogram of milk every day. Neema and Neeru were very worried about the child (Kabir Saheb Ji) not drinking milk. Kabir Parmeshwar inspired God Shiva to remove this concern of Neeru-Neema, Shiv Ji came in the form of a sage. Then on the behest of Kabir ji, Shiva ordered Neeru to bring a virgin cow.

evidence of God kabir in Vedas in hindi

As soon as he slapped on the virgin cow, the pot of milk kept below was filled and God took that milk. This Leela of Purna Brahm Kabir Saheb is also described in the Vedas. 

Qazi-Mulla reached to do Sunnah of Kabir Saheb Ji

When Qazi came to Neeru’s house to name the child, as soon as he opened the Quran, all its letters became Kabir-Kabir and God Kabir said that he should be named Kabir. After some time Qazi-Mulla reached to do Sunnah of Kabir Saheb Ji. God showed them many lingas in place of one linga and said that in your religion there is a law to do only one Sunnah, what will you do now and preached to them that Allah has left no stone unturned in creating human beings. Seeing this Leela, Qazi and Mulla ran away in fear. 

Kabir Saheb’s journey to Satlok 

Kabir Saheb ji played the role of weaver for about 120 years and propagated philosophy. At that time it was a popular belief that the one who dies in Kashi goes to heaven and the one who dies in Magahar goes to hell. Then Kabir Saheb challenged all the pandits of Kashi and asked Magahar to accompany him to see where I go? Among the disciples of Kabir Saheb were people of both religions, including King Bir Singh Baghel, the King of Kashi and Bijli Khan Pathan, the king of Maghar princely state.

People of both the religions had decided to perform the last rites of Kabir Saheb’s body according to their religion and had also made complete preparations for civil war if they did not get the body. Everyone knew God Kabir. 

Kabir Prakat Diwas 2023 (Kabir Jayanti) | God kabir Sahib Departure to Satlok

Parmeshwar Kabir ji reached Maghar and expressed his desire to take bath in the running water. Bijli Khan Pathan told about the Ami river dried up by the curse of Shiva. Then God Kabir ji made water flow in the Aami river. A sheet was laid down for Kabir ji, some flowers were spread on it and Kabir saheb ji lay on them and covered the other sheet from above. In the year 1518 (Samvat 1575) on Magh Shukla Paksha, Tithi Ekadashi, Supreme God Kabir Saheb ji physically left this world.

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God Kabir Saheb ji told everyone present there through Akashvani that he was going to Satlok, a place higher than heaven and ordered Hindus and Muslims that no one should fight with each other and whoever found under the sheet should be given half-and-half. Share it. God blessed Hindus and Muslims to live with love, which is still flourishing in Magahar. 

When the people present there removed the sheet, only fragrant flowers were found. Both the religions divided those fragrant flowers among themselves and made a memorial on them. Even today this memorial is present in Maghar. Some flowers are kept on a memorial called Kabir Chaura in Kashi. You can visit www.jagatgururampalji.org to see the proof of all the pastimes of God Kabir ji in the Vedas and scriptures.

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