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National Energy Conservation Day Theme & Quotes, history Energy conservation
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National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated on 14th December every year by the people all over India.  The Energy Conservation Act in India was executed (established) by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2001.  The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a statutory body that comes under the Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies to reduce energy use. The Energy Conservation Act in India aims to recruit professional, qualified and energetic managers as well as auditors who are experts in implementing energy efficiency projects and managing energy, projects, policy analysis, finance.

National Energy Conservation Day 2021

National Energy Conservation Day 2021 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 14 December.

What is Energy Conservation?

National Energy Conservation Day in India aims to make people aware about the importance of energy as well as saving, and conservation through saving energy.  Energy conservation literally means saving energy by using less energy by reducing unnecessary use of energy.  Using energy efficiently is very essential to save it for future use.  Energy conservation must be embedded in the behavior of every human being in order to achieve more effective results towards energy conservation planning.

One can save energy by taking serious care of it, by keeping many electrical appliances of daily use like: fans, bulbs, somersvilles, heaters from running unused etc.  It is the most efficient way to save excess use energy which plays the most important role in energy conservation campaign.

Fossil Fuels Running Out

Fossil fuels, crude oil, coal, natural gas etc. generate enough energy for use in daily life but their increasing demand day by day creates fear of depletion of natural resources.  Energy conservation is the only way that replaces non-renewable sources of energy with renewable sources.

In order to make energy users aware of less energy consumption as well as efficient energy conservation, governments of various countries have imposed taxes on the use of energy and carbon.  The tax on high energy consumption encourages consumers to use energy within a limit while reducing the use of energy.

Conservation Of Energy

People should be more aware that, bright light at workplaces brings various troubles (diseases) like: stress, headache, blood pressure, fatigue and reduces efficiency.  Whereas, natural light increases the productivity levels of workers and reduces energy consumption.

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Petroleum Conservation Research Association in India was established in the year 1977 by the Government of India to promote energy conservation and efficiency among the Indian people.  This is a big step taken by the Government of India to conserve energy at a great level.  Another organization Bureau of Energy Efficiency was also established in 2001 by the Government of India for better energy efficiency and conservation.

Theme of National Energy Conservation Day 2021

This year, the theme for the competition is ‘AzadikaAmritMahotsav: Energy Efficient India” and ‘AzadikaAmritMahotsav: Cleaner Planet’. The State level painting competitions will be organized from 1st to 10th December 2021 in all  States and Union Territories of the country. The winners of the National level competition will be awarded on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day.

What are the measures to conserve energy?

  • Apart from thermal curtains, smart windows, windows are the biggest factor in conserving energy.
  • A large amount of energy is drawn from natural light and compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs (consumes only 1/4th of the energy consumption by 15W and other means), fluorescent bulbs, linear fluorescents, solar smart flashlights, sky lights, windows  Can be saved by using lighting and solar lights.
  • Water conservation also leads to better energy conservation.  About thousands of gallons of water are wasted by people every year which can be saved by using various conservation tools such as: 6 GPM or less flow fountains, very low flush toilets, tap aerators, compost toilets.
  • Separation plays a very important role in conserving energy by reducing thermal in winter season as well as achieving thermal in summer.  For example, natural wool separation, house separation, cotton separation, fiber separation, thermal separation etc.

How National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated

In order to make the national energy conservation campaign more effective and special all over India, many energy conservation competitions are organized by the government and other organizations among the people because that is the main goal of this campaign.  Various painting competitions are organized at school, state, regional or national level on Energy Conservation Day by the students or members of organizations at many places.

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National Energy Conservation Campaign is a national awareness campaign launched by the Ministry of Power to facilitate the process of energy conservation in India.  Organizing painting competitions at various levels for the students is one of the main activities of this campaign which helps in educating along with the importance of energy conservation for the children and their parents participating in this campaign.

Awareness Step taken by Ministry of Power

This competition also helps in making people aware of the domestic sectors.  Each participant is given a topic such as: “More stars, more savings”, “Wasting energy in the present, lack of energy in the future” and “Saving energy saving the future” etc.  Contestants make their pictures more impressive by using pencil colors, wax colors and watercolors etc.

Credit: Art,Craft and Health

Participation certificate, merit certificate and/or cash prize of Rs 33,000 per state is given to the students who participate and win the competition.  This amount is distributed among the winners of the state honored by the Ministry of Power in the celebration program of National Energy Conservation Day on 14th December.

National Energy Conservation Day Quotes

  • Bright and happy future is only possible when we pledge to conserve energy in every way possible!!!
  • There is no crisis of energy but there is just ignorance about energy…. Have a Happy and Enlightened National Energy Conservation Day.
  • Don’t act fuelish. Save fossil fuels
  • Burn fossil fuels today, become a fossil tomorrow.
  • Save fuel, save money
  • Don’t take a car, if it’s not that far
  • Walk to school, it’s super cool
  • Don’t pollute, cycle to commute!
  • The less you burn, the more you earn
  • Fuel which burns, never returns
  • Save fuel today, secure your tomorrow
  • Burn calories, not fossil fuels
  • Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage
  • A drop of oil burnt, is a bucket of glacier melted
  • Don’t add fuel to the fire of Global Warming

Objective of National Energy Conservation Day

 National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year with a special theme to make it more effective among the people keeping in mind some goals and objectives.

  •  It is celebrated to send the message of importance of energy conservation in every walk of life among the people.
  • To promote the process of energy conservation, organize many programs like: discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions all over the country.
  • To encourage people to use less energy instead of using excessive and wasteful energy.
  • Encouraging people to reduce energy consumption and use it efficiently.

Important role of Indian citizens in energy security

All and every citizen of India knows about many ways to use energy efficiently and save energy for future.  They follow all the rules, regulations and policies implemented by the Government of India to support energy efficiency.  Citizens of India are paying direct contributions to the campaign to reduce energy use during the 11th Five Year Plan period.  Children are a great hope for bringing positive changes in the country and improving the economic condition.

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