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What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)Works, Types, Benefits & Limitations
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Virtual private network services (VPNs) may be at risk in India as the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs is looking to ban them on the grounds of threat to combat cyber threats and other illegal activities.  According to media reports, the Committee noted that VPN apps and tools are readily available online through which cyber criminals remain anonymous online.  Which is not available in any country and the location also changes in VPN.  Thus demand a ban on its use (VPN Ban in India). 

Asked to Block Permanently

The report further states that the committee recommends permanently blocking VPN (Virtual Private Network) services in the country with the help of Internet service providers in India.  The committee has asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to identify and permanently block the VPNs.  The Committee requested that the government, in collaboration with international agencies, prevent the use of VPNs in India with the help of a ‘coordination mechanism’.  However, it is not yet revealed when it will be banned in India. 

With the changing times, many people are connecting with the Internet.  Many of our life tasks have now become easier through the Internet.  Through internet we can connect with the whole world and stay in touch with our friends and relatives through social sites but do you know that the use of internet is not completely safe. 

VPN may Leak your personal Data

You can’t even anticipate that your personal data can be stolen behind your back.  In this case VPN is used.  Apart from securing your personal data, VPN (Virtual Private Network) can do many other things.  The world of internet is very much developed today and without internet we cannot even think of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. 

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

VPN is a network technology whose full name is virtual private network, in which a secure connection is made in the Public Internet Network.  Many companies, educational institutions and government organizations use VPN technology to securely connect remote users to their private networks. 

What is VPN

In this, VPN tunnels are created from the connection of remote users to the office network to give remote users access to their network with the help of the Internet.  VPN is a cheap and good way to create a private network.  Multiple sites of great difference can be connected with VPN. 

  • In VPN, users can share data on the public network by securely connecting to the private network.  Technically a VPN connection (LAN) provides all the benefits of a local area network, similar to many offices, but without a wire.
  • VPN is a method by which a security and privacy is used for private and public networks such as hotspot, wi-fi and internet.  VPN is used to protect sensitive data.  Privacy is greatly increased with the use of VPN because the IP address of the user is changed by the VPN providers.
  • This makes it that when your ip address is not known to the hacker and he will never be able to hack your device and in this way you can easily do safe browsing in the world of internet and at the same time you can save your data and  You can also save information. 

Disadvantages and Advantages of using free VPN (Virtual Private Network) service

Disadvantage & advantage of using free VPN service

You do not need to pay any money in Free VPN, that means whatever feature you will get in it, you can use it for free.  If you want to use any block website then you can use Free VPN.  In Free VPN, you will have ads and shows or you can use only some limited bandwidth.

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If your data is highly confident, then it is not right to use a free VPN because the company providing free VPN can share your data with other people for their own benefit. 

Benefits of using Trees VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

Benefits of using Trees VPN Service

If you buy a VPN service, then in this case your data is completely saved.  Paid VPN service company does not share any of your data with anyone.  In VPN paid service, you will get unlimited bandwidth and many more. 

Use of VPN in Computer and Mobile

Use of VPN in Computer: 

  • You can manually use VPN in computer but for this you will need an IP address and username and password which you will get for free in the internet.  You can also buy it but here I will tell you the best way how to get a free VPN which is provided by Opera company which is absolutely safe and best and absolutely free.
  • First of all, you have to install Opera Developer software on your computer or laptop.  After installing the software, open it, then you click on the top side menu and click on Settings.  Now click on Privacy & Security within the setting, then tick enable VPN in the option of VPN.
  • After that VPN will be enabled ie activated in your Opera browser, after that you can access any blocked website within this browser.  As soon as you enable, then the VPN will be activated, after that VPN will be written near the URL of the browser, by clicking on it, you can turn on and off the VPN as well as you can change the location. 

Use of VPN in Mobile: 

  • If you want to use VPN in mobile then it is very easy.  You will find many apps in play store which are absolutely free.  In this you do not need any user id password.  This app automatically sets up all the VPN settings on your phone.  Then you can use VPN.
  • First of all install Touch VPN app in your smart phone.  You can install this app by clicking on download.  After installing, you have to open the app and then select the location.  After that click on connect, as soon as you click on connect, the VPN will be activated on your phone. 

How VPN Works?

The internet you use in your mobile or computer is assigned an IP address.  The location of your device can be known from the IP address.  As soon as you open any website in the browser, that request reaches the server of that website along with your IP address.  This is how that server gets to know the location of your device.  After verifying the IP, that server sends its data to your device.  Now there is no security of any kind in this connection.  VPN secures everything you do on the Internet.

How VPN Works

Using a VPN, you can also access the restriction on the Internet, which means that you can access the website which you are not allowed to visit or that website is blocked by your country.  There are two technologies through which the VPN connection can be connected, so that the data is transmitted securely over the public network. 

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By Tunneling : Tunneling means to create a tunnel on the public network in which the whole packet is transmitted in another packet on the public network.  In this, the encapsulating protocol is selected in such a way that other computers or network devices cannot understand it while data is being transmitted over a public network.  Through encryption, we can scramble the data so that only the receiver can understand it. 

By Encryption: tunneling means to create a tunnel on the public network in which the entire packet is transmitted in other packets on the public network.  In this, the encapsulating protocol is chosen in such a way that the data cannot be understood by other computers or network devices while it is being transmitted over the public network. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Network Protocol

VPN Network Protocol

With the passage of time, some protocols and security features are also increasing, some of them are as follows – 

  • IP security: It is often used to secure the Internet connection. 
  • PPTP: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is a technology used to create a VPN.  PPTP has been around since the time of windows 95.  The special thing about PPTP is that it is easily set up with every major operating system, but recently, many questions were raised about the security of PPTP.  PPTP is still strong but not completely secure.  It does not do encryption rather it only tunnels and encapsulates the data packets. 
  • L2TP: Layer 2 Tunneling protocol is a technology that is an extension of the PPP protocol that enables ISPs to operate VPNs. 
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security): SSL and TLS create a VPN connection where the web browser acts as the client and users have access to a specific application instead of accessing the entire network  .  SSL and TLS protocols are most commonly used by online shopping websites and service providers. 
  • SSH (Secure Shell): SSH is also known as Secure Socket Shell.  It is a network protocol that allows administrators to securely access remote computers.  Secure Shell enables strong authentication and encrypted data communication between two computers on an unsecured network such as the Internet. 
  • Open VPN : Open VPN is an SSL based VPN which is becoming very popular.  The software is freely available, SSL is a mature encryption protocol and OpenVPN can be run on a single UDP YA TCP port which makes it very flexible. 
  • L2TP/IP Sec: L2TP/IP Sec is more secure than PPTP.  To provide the best functionality, L2TP/IPSec implements two protocols together in which L2TP creates a tunnel and IPSec provides a secure channel. 

How To Change Location In Mobile By Using VPN

It is very easy to change your location with VPN in your mobile, for that you will find many applications on the internet which helps you to change your internet location.  You can change your internet location and surf the internet from any country by simply downloading the application from Google Play Store. 

Setting Up a VPN

Setting up a VPN is a straightforward process.  It is often as simple as entering a username and server address.  Major smartphones can configure VPN using PPP and L2TP/IPsec protocols.  All major operating systems can configure PPTP VPN connections.  The OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols require a small open source application (OpenVPN) and a certificate download, respectively. 

Types of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are mainly three types of VPN, they are – Site-to-Site VPN, PPTP VPN, IPsec. 

  1. Site-to-Site VPN: While using this VPN, no dedicated line can be used in it.  In this, different sites of the same organization, each with its own network, are connected together to form a VPN.  Site-to-site VPN is almost the same as PPTP except for one thing.  Unlike PPTP routing, encryption and decryption are built into the router at both ends which can be hardware or software based. 
  2. PPTP VPN: PPTP stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol.  This is a very common and widely used VPN protocol.  Its disadvantage is that it does not provide encryption and users connect to the VPN network over an existing Internet connection, using password authentication over the VPN.  It does not require additional hardware and its features are often available as inexpensive add-on software. 
  3. IPsec VPN : It is a trusted protocol which setup tunnel from remote site to central site.  As its name suggests, it is designed for IP traffic.  IPSec requires costly, time-consuming client installations and is therefore considered its biggest disadvantage. 

Advantages of Using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are many benefits of VPN, some of which are as follows – 

  • Replacing Original IP: VPN is designed to replace your original IP address on the Internet with a fake IP address so that hackers cannot trace you and thus you can easily access the Internet without any fear.  can work. 
  • Encrypting Data: With the help of VPN, you can transfer your data easily.  When you transfer your data through the Internet and if your device does not have a VPN, then it can be easily traced but due to having a VPN, it is completely secure.  VPN is the strongest tool to provide encryption. 
  • Censorship: In a place or country where you cannot express your views openly or there is a restriction in expressing your views, the use of VPN is the best solution in which you can express your views without any fear and  No one will be able to access your IP address. 
  • Protecting and securing WI-FI connection: When you use public wi-fi or hotspot, the chances of your data being hacked are very high but VPN can help you to inprove your online security and privacy and protect your IP address.  Helps you to make invisible. 
  • Privacy : With the help of VPN, you can hide your ID.  As mentioned above, VPN changes the IP of the device so that your location will be hidden. 
  • Security : VPN encrypts your data.  With its help, you can work on the Internet in a secure way.  Using a VPN will prove to be very beneficial for online transactions in which your debit or credit card information is there. 
  • Access to Blocked Sites: If your internal provider has blocked some sites, then with the help of VPN you can open them. 

How to connect VPN

How to connect VPN

You can use VPN on both your computer or mobile, although all the smart devices nowadays have the option of VPN connection so that you can connect to VPN after making some settings.  But with the help of software, you can easily connect to VPN in one click.  You can choose any VPN service from free or paid. 

Using VPN

VPN is used in most of the colleges because in this the admins download stream is kept locked so that the students cannot download and this causes problems to the students and when they have no other option then they install the VPN  So that he can run whatever he wants. 

WHAT IS A VPN❓ Simple, non-technical explanation of how a VPN works! Credit: All Things Secured

VPN is beneficial for you because firstly it was made for security, now everyone wants to use security, so it gradually grew and today it has developed a lot and many people use it.  Whenever you run internet with VPN active, every activity done by you is kept secure so that no hacker will be able to steal or destroy your data.

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