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Windows 11 Release Date India, Feature, Updates, Requirements
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Tech company Microsoft hosting a event on 24 june 2021, where the company can accounsed its product. According to leak Microsoft may launch its new OS (operating system) Window 11. People has started  trying to search related window 11 query such as windows 11 release date, windows 11 system requirements, windows 11 features etc. So Today we will revered the hidden reality of Window 11 Operating System.

  • Windows 11 ISO record has released online before the dispatch scheduled for June 24. 
  • Windows 11 brings another less complex plan with halfway found Start menu. 
  • The application windows in Windows 11 have adjusted corners. 

Windows 11 Release Date in India

In what has demolished Microsoft’s amazement uncover for June 24, Windows 11 has released on the web. To begin with, only a couple screen captures arose on China’s Baidu site, however minutes after the fact, the Windows 11 ISO document was unloaded, giving huge number of eager aficionados to evaluate the up and coming age of Windows working framework.

Windows 11 highlights another Start menu, another taskbar plan, application symbols, adjusted corners for windows, and considerably more. A portion of the new visual changes are really acquired from Windows 10X, which currently lies covered. 

Windows 11 Updates

As indicated by screen captures of Windows 11 shared by individuals who figured out how to get hold of a duplicate of the ISO record, the greatest change is going to the Start menu – and this is like Chrome OS. Microsoft has moved the application symbols to the focal point of the taskbar and another Start button, tapping on which opens a spring up that uncovers more applications and administrations you have introduced on your PC. The plate region looks cleaner than before in what might be a basic method to get to certain functionalities straightforwardly from the taskbar. There is likewise another Windows 11 boot movement and a startup sound to invite you.

Windows 11 main features launching date in india

Some Highlighted Features of Window 11 Operating System

The greatest change coming in Windows 11 is to the Start menu, which presently loses live tiles for fixed symbols to give a worked on look. wr are not against this change, but rather live tiles are what make Windows a smidgen more delightful and at times valuable when these tiles show data while flipping. The application symbols don’t have liveliness, in any event that is the thing that I can see from this early form of Windows 11.

  • You can stick applications and go to late records from these symbols. The Shutdown and Restart alternatives are currently accessible promptly on the Start menu.
  • The repositioning of the Start menu and the applications gives a new look to Windows, yet, for reasons unknown, in the event that you need the old style back, Microsoft has remembered a switch for settings to fix it. With this alternative, you can move the Start menu and the symbols to one side of the screen and taskbar.
  • Windows 11 is likewise freed of Windows 95-time symbols. You have another multi-work area symbol, another Settings symbol, and a base bar for dealing with your record with fast alternatives.
  • The application windows have adjusted corners, so that gives the OS a marginally unique look, also. Microsoft has remembered the dull mode for Windows 11, also, however this new form looks a touch more delightful than previously. And furthermore, Windows 11 has another default backdrop, which I especially like. 

Windows 11 Widgets Feature

Microsoft appears to have carried back Windows Widgets with Windows 11, yet it’s anything but completely working since it is in the beginning phases. Also, that is on the grounds that the Windows 11 form everybody is giving a shot is an early form. Most applications are not accessible in this form, but rather the general feel looks wrapped up. 

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Windows 11 System Requirements for PC

  • 1.2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
  • OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
  • 2 GB RAM or more.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Approximately 15 GB of available hard disk space.

Window 11 New Maximize and Minimize button 

There are new snap controls accessible in the Maximize button for a window, which you can browse to resize the window to half or a quarter and position it in one of the 4 corners of the p.c. screen. That is clever in light of the fact that it saves you an opportunity to resize windows to fit a greater amount of them on the screen. Along these lines, a straightforward snap will do the work. 

New Xbox Application Feature

The Microsoft Store (already Windows Store) doesn’t appear to have any redesigns yet. That might be on the grounds that this is an early form of Windows 11. Microsoft is unquestionably bringing new visual and center moves up to Microsoft Store on the grounds that back at the Build 2021 gathering, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella focused on the cutting edge will zero in on engineers. In this way, at the present time, the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 looks and works precisely how it does on Windows 10. In any case, you may see Google Chrome and other famous applications accessible through the Microsoft Store soon. 

Windows 11: Release Date India, Feature, Updates, Requirements | Credit: Beebom

A significant piece of the visual changes in Windows 11 can be found in the Xbox application. The Xbox application is currently better coordinated with the OS and brings the Xbox Game Pass to the wilderness. The Xbox informal community and the Xbox store are accessible, as well, close by the Xbox Game Bar and the Windows Game Mode. 

Windows 11 Release Date

For what it is worth, Window 11 feels like another working framework in light of how old Windows 10 has become now. This spilled Windows 11 ISO ruins Microsoft’s shock, yet there are as yet a few things that are not exactly accessible and that is the thing that the occasion is for. Microsoft will likewise report the Windows 11 Insider program at the June 24 occasion, before the steady delivery happens not long from now. The Microsoft occasion begins at 8.30 pm IST on June 24.

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