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World Car Free Day 2021 History,Quotes,Media Coverage,Public Opinion
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World Car Free Day 2021: This 22nd September is “World Car Free Day”.  Its purpose is to raise awareness of environmental protection among people, to understand the harm caused by motor vehicles to the urban environment and to encourage people to take public transport, cycle or walk in cities.  At present, protecting the environment, advocating for green travel and developing energy-saving and new energy vehicles has become a global consensus.  Under the international background of global warming, more and more countries and people are concerned about the destruction of ecological environment, pollution of the environment and control. 

History of World Car Free Day

In 1973, at the height of the fuel power crisis, Switzerland invited citizens to spend a day without a car, using bicycles and public transport.  After a few years, an idea emerged to call an annual rally for less frequent use of personal vehicles.  This idea was taken up by various cities: Reykjavik, Bath, La Rochelle and others.

This action gained popularity due to environmental conditions and for promoting a healthy lifestyle.  “Leave the car for at least a day, improve your health by walking or cycling, use public transport and reduce the flow of cars” – hence the call for car owners to participate in the events  . In 1994, it was proposed to hold a World Car Free Day on 22 September, an initiative supported by several EU countries.  In Russia, a similar action was taken for the first time in 2008. 

World Car Free Day in different countries 

As part of the day without a country caroffer a variety of tasks that prompt drivers to leave their “iron horse” at home at least once a year.  In many cities, they reduce the cost of travel by public transport, about half the cost of traveling on the metro. 

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Following the example of San Francisco, more and more countries hold bicycle demonstrations on 22 September: cyclists in bright suits with cars on the city streets demonstrated, showing that this mode of transport is more environmentally friendly and healthier. On this day many countries restrict the entry of cars into the city, forcing their owners to walk on foot. 

With the development of social networks receives popularity through photo sharing support.  Take a photo of yourself riding or riding a bicycle and network with a proposed hashtag, for example, “#demonially” (in each country, your options).  In Russia, action is more popular in provincial cities than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but every year there are more and more fans of the day without a car. 

World Car Free Day: Media Coverage 

World Car Free Day is becoming increasingly popular every year.  How do supporters of action draw attention to this? First, of course, with the help of mass media.  A healthy lifestyle is now in vogue, and the stories of doctors on TV screens or pages of magazines remind you that a huge number of cars harm humanity.  This and exhaustion due to low gas, harmful effects of gases, and weakening of muscles, and nervous system disorders due to frequent traffic jams and many accidents. 

Articles in the network and debates from the economicpoint of view.  Car maintenance is the purchase of gasoline, repair, technical inspection, various equipment.  Even a day trip by public transport will save a lot in the budget.  And if you go on foot or by bike, it’s completely free. 

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Environmentalists concerned about the poor state’s environment, which is fueled by exhaust emissions, conducted an inspiring study.  It turns out that in Moscow alone, due to the fact that it was held on September 22 in 2014, World Day without a car, the air cleared up to 15%! 

World Car Free Day Quotes

  • World Car Free Day is an occasion for us to say goodbye to the cages in which we travel every day.
  • Let us discover the happiness of traveling in bicycles on World Car Free Day.
  • Give the rest of your car for at least one day and use your feet to reach your destination on World Car Free Day.
  • On World Car Free Day, let us remember the fact that God has gifted us with two legs that are used for walking and cars are just a luxury.
  • Let the bicycles dominate the roads on World Car Free Day.
  • Let us recognize the value of walking on World Car Free Day. It is good for your own health as well as the environment.

Work with the younger generation 

For several years now in Russian schoolsat least once a year hold special events, calling on the younger generation to do without vehicles.  World Car-Free Days at School is an interesting classroom clock, a wall newspaper issue, cycling competitions, races for various distances and races.  Health workers are invited to the children, who tell us how much more useful it is for the organism, for example, to go to school on foot rather than by car. In many cities they tell what isWorld Day without a car, in kindergarten.  Teachers tell kids how it can damage a car, operate outdoor games, and encourage parents to get in on the action. 

What is the Opinion of People

World Car Free Day is celebrated by fans and ardent opponents.  Someone with pleasure refuses private transport for a day, someone does not consider it possible.  Of course, every inhabitant of the Earth is concerned about environmental problems and understands that millions of tons of exhaust gases worsen the situation every day.  Counting the money spent on the maintenance and service of everything and even the most unpretentious cars. 

Credit: Nature Connection

But according to polls, a small fraction of drivers are ready to abandon a private vehicle for at least a day, not to mention how to make it a lifestyle.  A car is a comfort, it is an opportunity to get from one part of the city to another in the shortest possible time.  Own car for parents with children – an indispensable assistant, thanks to which you can build it in kindergarten, and at school, and at work, and in many circles and sections.  But still the idea that in some cases can do without a car deserves attention.  And I want to hope that at least one day a year the rejection of a personal car will become a tradition that will benefit people and help solve environmental problems.

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