World Cities day 2024: Why is World Cities Day celebrated?

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World Cities day 2024: World Cities Day is celebrated on 31 October.  This day is celebrated by the United Nations Federation on 31 October.  This year World Cities Day 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday, 31 October. 

The World Urbanization Prospects is released every two years by the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.  This year World Cities Day 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday, 31 October. 

History of World Cities Day

World Cities day was started on 31 October 2014 in Shanghai, China on this day.  This year 2024 , the 7th World Cities Day is being celebrated. 

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It is noteworthy that no definition of city has been given by the United Nations.  Each country is given its own definition of town or city. 

World’s 5 Biggest Megacities in the World 2018

1. Tokyo (Japan) 37468

2. Delhi (India) 28514

3. Shanghai (China) 25582

4. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

5. Mexico City (Mexico) 

World’s 5 Most Urbanized Countries Region 2018 

World's 5 Most Urbanized Countries Region 2018

1. Hong Kong/Macau/Anguilla/Monaco/Nauru/Singapore/Gibraltar/Holysee/Cayman Islands/Saint Matrin (Dutch)/Bermuda/Kubait(100%)

2. Réunion (99.6%)

3. Qatar (99.1%)

4. Belgium (98%)

5. Sanmarino (97.2%) 

Least Urbanized 5 Country Regions in the World (2018) 

1. Tokelau/Wallis (0.0%)

2. Montserrat/Futuna Deep (9.1%)

3. Burundi (13%)

4. Papua New Guinea (13.2%)

5. Lichestine (14.3%) 

All the countries in the world are moving towards making smart cities.  The Government of India has done a lot in this direction.  

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And the country is rapidly moving towards smart cities. To make Smart City in India, MLAs and MPs of the country have also adopted one village each.  To make a smart city by 2022. 

World Cities Day Theme 2024

A theme is released every year on the occasion of World Urban Day.  The purpose of releasing the theme is to make all the citizens of the world aware about Cities.  And keep this clean.  World Cities Day theme 2024– “Financing sustainable urban future for all

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FAQs about World Cities Day

Q. When is World Cities Day celebrated? 

Ans: World Cities Day is celebrated on 31 October. 

Q. What is the World Cities Day Theme 2024? 

Ans: Financing sustainable urban future for all”.

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