World Coconut Day 2023: History, Objective, Theme, Benefits of Coconut and Quotes

World Coconut Day History, Theme, Quotes, Benefits of Coconutq
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World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on ‘2nd September’. The main objective of celebrating World Coconut Day is to make people aware of coconut cultivation and industry. Coconut farming and industry provide employment to about crores of people in India. On the day of Coconut Day, exhibitions of various items made of coconut are organized. Coconut fruit is used in completely different forms. 

When is World Coconut Day celebrated?

Every year 2nd September is celebrated as World Coconut Day all over the world. 

History of celebrating world coconut day

History of World Coconut Day started in 2009. The purpose of celebrating World Coconut Day is to make people aware of coconut cultivation in the world.  And to promote the coconut industry.  Indonesia produces the largest number of coconuts in the world. 

Objective of World Coconut Day

Objective of World Coconut Day

The purpose of celebrating World Coconut Day is to promote the use of coconut as a raw material for industries and to spread awareness about its use.  The scientific name of coconut is Coccus nucifera and it belongs to the palm family. 

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The world’s main coconut producing countries are the Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, Vanootu, Vietnam, Jamaica and Kenya.  In which maximum coconut production is done in Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil and Sri Lanka. 

World Coconut day 2023 Theme

World Coconut day 2021 theme

World Coconut day 2023 theme As every year, this year’s theme is 2023 “Growing Coconut for a better future and life”. 

Benefits of Coconut Cultivation

Benefits of Coconut Cultivation
  • Coconut cultivation and related industries provide employment to crores of people in India. 
  • Coconut water is nutritious and healthy.  It is very beneficial for stomach related problems.  Eating coconut or raw coconut also gives health benefits.
  • Raw and firm coconuts are used in the preparation of many types of sweets and dishes. 
  • Mattresses, bags and many other useful items are made from coconut fibers.  There is no “pollution” from the bags made from them, as is the case with plastic bags. 
  • Coconut is considered sacred, it is also used in religious rituals. 
  • Our country receives national income of about thousands of crores of rupees from the export of items made from coconut. 

Other facts related to coconut 

  • The scientific name of coconut is “Coco Nucifera” and it belongs to the palm family. 
  • The highest coconut production in the world occurs in Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil and Sri Lanka. 
  • Four places in India have the highest production of coconut, the names of those places are – Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 
  • Coconuts are grown on the banks of the sea in salty soil. 

Benefits of eating coconut

Benefits of Coconut eating
  • Lowers cholesterol level – Coconut helps in keeping our cholesterol level equal.  By using coconut oil in food, your belly fat is reduced.  Explain that due to increasing bull fat, the risk of heart diseases also increases significantly. 
  • Controls blood sugar level – Coconut is a perfect food for diabetic patients.  Blood sugar level can be reduced by daily consumption of coconut.  Coconut contains arginine, a type of amino acid that is essential for the functioning of pancreatic cells and also controls insulin production and blood sugar levels. 

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  • Weight will be reduced – Consuming raw coconut daily will not only control your appetite and improve metabolism, but will also help in burning the excess fat stored in the body. 
  • Increase Immunity– The immune system can be strengthened by the consumption of coconut.  Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral elements are found in coconut, which increase the ability to fight diseases. 

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  • Prevents Cancer – Coconut oil produces ketones.  Ketones provide energy to the healthy cells of our body.  Except cancer cells, other strong cells of the body get energy from it.  In such a situation, using coconut oil in food keeps the body healthy and also protects against deadly diseases like cancer. 

World Coconut Day 2023 Quotes

World Coconut Day 2021 Quotes

Removes stomach related disorders Drink plenty of coconut water daily. 

God has made man like a coconut, As hard on the top as soft on the inside. 

Some coconuts are good and some are rotten. Those people who have good thinking, they grow up. 

Coconut is very beneficial for stomach related disorders. Therefore, coconut should be consumed every day.

10 Countries With The Highest Coconut Production in the World

RankCountryProduction in million metric tons
4Sri Lanka2.47
8Papua New Guinea1.19

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