World Mental Health Day 2023: How to Strong your Mental Health?

World Mental Health Day 2021 Date, Theme, Quotes and History
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World Mental Health Day 2023: The day is celebrated all over the world on 10 October every year.  This day is celebrated to increase awareness about mental health issues among people and to organize collaborative efforts for mental health.  It was started by the World Mental Health Association on 10 October 1992.  We know all the things about physical illness and get its treatment as well, but in today’s life mental illness comes to the fore as a big problem.  In fact, World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10 October with the aim of making people sensitive and aware about mental health. 

History of World Mental Health Day

History of World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was first observed in the year 1992 at the initiative of Richard Hunter, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and the World Federation for Mental Health.  After this, in the year 1994, after the suggestion of the then UN Secretary-General Eugene Brody, a theme was started to celebrate World Mental Health Day.  “Improving the quality of mental health services around the world” for the first time in 1994. 

World Mental Health Day was celebrated with the theme.  In some countries including Australia, Mental Health Week is also celebrated to spread awareness about the prevention and harm of mental diseases. 

Why is World Mental Health Day celebrated?

Today many people in the world are victims of depression or some other mental illness.  This disease has increased so much in today’s era that every other person is suffering from it.  Many people who are in the grip of mental illness also think of suicide outside.  In such a situation, this day is celebrated with the aim of making the world aware of mental health. 

World Mental Health Day 2023 Theme

World Mental Health Day 2021 Theme

The theme of Mental Health in an Unequal World‘ for the upcoming World Mental Health Day 2023 on October 10 underlines the pressing need to focus sufficiently on health beyond the physical in a sustained way in a world still struggling to fight the coronavirus.

Theme: Mental health is a universal human right

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In today’s hectic life, people are stressed about many things and therefore to stay away from this thing, every year on 10 October, World Mental Health Day is celebrated.  This day is celebrated to increase awareness about mental health issues among the people. 

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The thinking of society about mental health or mental illnesses has changed to a great extent in the last few years.  Many institutions have spoken openly on this, even many stars have expressed their opinion on such issues.  In such a situation, if you also feel that you have some kind of mental stress, then in such a situation, you should also pay attention to your food and drink so that your mental health is good.  So let us tell you.  About some such diet that can help you to avoid this problem. 

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1. Vitamin B6 

You must include Vitamin B6 in your diet, in fact many such elements are found in it which work to correct our mood.  In Vitamin B6, you can take spinach, walnuts and oats, a good amount of Vitamin B6 is found in it and it proves to be beneficial for mental health. 

2. Vitamin A 

If you feel that you have mental stress such as at home or office, then you.  Carrots, broccoli and eggs are considered good sources of vitamin A.  This keeps your mind calm and your diet is also good. 

3. Vitamin B-12 

The healthier you are, the more energetic you will be and look at things with a positive attitude.  In such a situation, include vitamin B-12 in your diet, it is considered beneficial for the brain. It is called a feel-good vitamin.  Which can help you fight depression. 

4. Protein 

Consuming protein-rich foods is considered beneficial for mental health.  Peanuts, sesame, legumes, kidney beans, pulses and soybeans should be consumed more for protein and nutrition.  Along with keeping your mind calm, it can also work to keep it healthy.

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