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World Post Day 2021 History, Celebration, Logo and Interesting Facts
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World Post Day (Post Day) is being celebrated all over the world today i.e. on 9 October.  The Department of Posts has long been the most reliable and cheap means of conveying information not only to India but also to other countries.  In the following slides, we are telling why World Post Day is celebrated and what are the interesting facts related to it… 

World Post Day: History

It was the time of 255 B.C in Egypt when the postal service and its proof were first known.  During the 17th and 18th centuries, postal agreements were used to refer to bilateral agreements between countries and to control the exchange of mail.  The network of bilateral agreements remained largely complex until the 19th century, and negatively affected trade and commerce between countries.  Now there is a need to make efforts to streamline and simplify it at the international level. 

During the 1840s, in England, Sir Rowland Hill introduced a system in this context through which letters were introduced and a fee was charged.  Similarly, all the letters made at the domestic level were charged on the basis of distance.  Along with this, weight was also made a standard to determine the fee.  He also introduced the world’s first postage stamp. 

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During the year 1863, the United States Postmaster General Montgomery Blair organized a conference in Paris.  Representatives of 15 European and American countries participated in this conference and discussed many important issues related to the postal service, along with many important issues were resolved.  But unfortunately all the promises made in this conference failed and the real purpose of the conference was defeated.  Also, these countries had to face disappointment in the context of postal agreements.

Credit: Times of India

  • In Bern(1874), Heinrich von Stephan, a senior postal official of the North German Confederation, drew up a plan for an international postal union.  On the basis of his suggestion, the Swiss government organized an international conference on 15 September 1874 in Coburn, which was attended by representatives of 22 nations. 
  • In the same year, World Post Day was started on 9 October.  In the year 1878, it was renamed as Universal Postal Union. 
  • The Treaty of Bern, signed in 1874.  The treaty succeeded in organizing international postal services and rules for the exchange of letters into a single postal area. 

World Post Day Celebration

World Post Day Celebration

Delegates from different countries participate in the event of this day.  In this event, various programs and activities are organized to make people aware and about its importance at the international level.  World Post Day is celebrated in different ways by more than 150 nations every year.  Although in many countries this day is celebrated as a holiday.  In some countries, new postal products and services are introduced on this day.  Even on this day some posts and employees working in the post department are rewarded for their excellent services. 

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With the introduction of new stamps, exhibitions on postage stamps are also organized.  On this day, posters are put up in post offices and other public places and people are told about the importance of this day.  Along with this, conferences, seminars and workshops and cultural and entertainment programs are also organized on this day.  Special souvenirs like T-shirts and badges are also issued in some post offices. 

World Post Day Logo

World Post Day Logo

The logo of World Post Day has two components, a graphic and letters.  In Graphic, two people are transferring an item to each other which can be a letter, can also be a parcel and can also be a postal item.  The people who are seen in the graphic look as if they are jumping on some edge. 

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From this activity it seems that any transfer should take place not only between a few people but also across the border.  In this logo, the color blue indicates the sky and the green color indicates the earth. 

India was the first Asian country 

Let us tell you, on July 1, 1876, India was the first Asian country to become a member of the Universal Postal Union.  India has been a member of the first category from the beginning on the basis of population and international mail traffic.  On October 1, 1854, the Government of India established a Department for Posts. 

Four category post offices 

There are four categories of post offices in the postal network – Head Post Office, Sub Post Office, Extra Departmental Sub Post Office and Extra Departmental Branch Post Office.  All post offices provide similar postal services.  However, the work of delivery remains with the specific post offices. 

Postal system started in India

The modern postal system in our country started before the 18th century.  The postal system established by Lord Clive in the year 1766 was developed by Warren Hastings by establishing the Kolkata GPO in 1774.  The General Post Offices of Chennai and Mumbai came into existence in the year 1786 and 1793 respectively. 

Postal service connecting with new technology 

In the era of digitization, postal systems around the world have associated themselves with new technological services.  Express services have been started for delivery of mails, parcels, letters.  Post offices have also linked financial services with modern technology.  Now people have also increased their trust in online postal transactions. 

Interesting facts related to postal department and postal workers 

According to reports, 82 percent of the global population gets the benefit of home delivery from the postal department.  A postal worker serves an average population of 1,258.  At present 55 types of postal e-services are available worldwide.  Post has provided 77% online services.  83.62 per cent of international postal material is delivered within the standard time of five days. 

142 countries have postal codes 

Postal code available in 142 countries.  The Indian Postal Department does the work of postal delivery in the country on the basis of Pincode Number (Postal Index Number).  Pincode number was introduced on 15th August, 1972.

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