World Science Day 2023: India is leading in Science Sector Rapidly

World Science Day 2021 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Date, Essay
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Today’s article is on World Science Day.  What is World Science Day?  When do you celebrate?  And what is the purpose behind celebrating it?  We will discuss all these issues in detail today and will give you all the historical information related to it, so stay on our page like this. 

World Science Day 2023 for Peace and Development

You must be aware of the importance of science in the lives of all of us and how we are related to science. 

  • Every field gets the benefit of the inventions of science, so our life is incomplete without science.  Today’s era is scientific age, everything is dependent on science. 
  • Efforts were made to promote collaboration among scientists living in different conflict-free areas. From 10 November 2002, World Science Day was observed regularly across the world.
  • Science has played an important role in broadening our society of the fragile planet and making our societies more sustainable. The goal of this day is to renew national and international commitment to create awareness about the role of science for a peaceful and stable society. 

World Science Day 2023 Theme 

Building trust in science” 

Establishment (History) of World Science Day 

The idea of ​​celebrating Science Day as an international event was presented during the World Science Conference organized under the auspices of the United Nations in the city of Budapest (Hungary) in the year 1999. 

The declaration of celebrating World Science Day was made by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the year 2001. It was approved by the session in the 31st Conference of UNESCO.  It was announced and decided by all the associations to celebrate World Science Day on 10 November every year.  ‘World Science Day for Peace and Development’ has been its theme since the 2001 announcement.

The first World Science Day was celebrated on 10 November 2002 in which the countries’ science departments, science laboratories, science academies, training institutes, government and non-governmental organizations, UNESCO National Commission institutions participated and participated in this event. At the World Conference on Science, each delegate vigorously adopted the Science Agenda Framework and the Action Action Plan.  Meanwhile, an international program was also proposed to promote scientific literacy and culture. Delegations from Ethiopia and Malawi together with the British Association for the Advancement of Science proposed a proposal to create a World Science Day or week. 

According to Science, UNESCO’s response is structured by three main pillars:- 

  • Ensuring access to water for all citizens.
  • To provide support in ecological reconstruction.
  • Increasing international scientific cooperation.

The creation of the Israel-Palestinian Science Organization is an example or evidence of UNESCO. 

Organizing events on World Science Day 2023

World Science Day is organized by every professional organizations/associations, schools, colleges, government and non-government institutions, professional organizations. 

Scientists’ writings, essays, speeches, science exhibitions, science quizzes, seminars and seminars, scientific and research institutes are a major part of these events.  The award is given to those people who have a special contribution in the field of science. Various projects and funding or funds are made available for the science sector in the programs organized every year. 

Science and its importance

The word science means the actual and systematic knowledge of the object.  The word science was derived from a Latin word pintia meaning knowledge or knowing. 

Thus, the systematic and systematic knowledge of what happens in the physical world around us is called science.  Science is the knowledge or study of all the things available in nature and the events occurring in them. 

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It is necessary to promote international scientific experiments. (World Science Day 2023) Scientific and technical advice plays an important role in improving the cleanliness and disease of the country. 

What is Science Day? 

Science Day is a special day which is celebrated for science and scientists. This day is an important day in our life which was established on the foundation of science. 

This day is celebrated to tell the importance of science and scientists in our life. Sitting in one place, talking through a device in other countries, cities, internet access, transport means, access to the moon, weather forecast, study of animals, medical facilities, all these resources are the result of science. 

Why, where and how is International Science Day celebrated? 

International Science Day is celebrated all over the world. It was only because of science that it was possible to make our society stronger and more sustainable. World Science Day is celebrated by all the member states of the United Nations.  Events related to scientific activities are arranged on this day, in which it is told how science plays an important role in world peace and its progress. 

Many events and programs are organized every year related to all these subjects.  On this day information is given to everyone in the subjects related to science. All those students who are interested in the subject of science. They are provided guidance, encouraged and motivated to move ahead in their field. 

Importance of World Science Day 

This day serves to underline the relevance and importance of science in the daily life of a person. Many programs are organized every year on this topic. 

The main reason for celebrating World Science Day every year is to tell the importance of science and scientists for our society, to indicate the needs of science and to inform everyone on this subject. 

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Also, to show the relevance of science to the public and involve them in discussions related to it. It is necessary to promote national and international solidarity towards science sharing. It is possible to renew the use of science for the benefit of society. 

Science and technology can be given fame and citizens of the country can also get an opportunity to achieve new heights.


What is the purpose of establishing and celebrating this day (World Science Day 2023)?

To create scientific temper among the people and to make the society aware about the benefits of science.  To create awareness about the important role of science among citizens across the country. Connecting people to scientific issues and exposing them to this issue. 

To inform people about the development of science. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO aims to make all scientific inventions accessible to every person in the world about its importance and use. 

Credit: World Science Day: विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में भारत ‘विश्व गुरु’ बनने की और बढ़ रहा | Credit: Oneindia Hindi

To motivate and attract students towards science, to inculcate and disseminate scientific thinking in them.  To make the general public aware of science and scientific achievements because it is possible to eliminate superstitions and misconceptions with science.

Demonstrating the impact of science

  • To bring everyone’s attention towards the challenges posed by science.
  • Contribute to and promote the development of scientific attitudes. 
  • Involving everyone in the world at large in debates on science and scientific issues. 
  • To promote national and international solidarity towards science.  To make the public aware of the progress made in the scientific field. 
  • To support scientific endeavors and new inventions made by them. 

Science Day in India 

On the basis of this day, National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28 February.  This day is celebrated in the memory of the great scientist Dr. CV Raman (physicist) and in the memory of discovering the Raman Effect. 

Because on this day CV Raman made the whole world aware of the scientific inventions made by him in 1928.  And exactly 2 years after that, he was awarded the Nobel Prize, the world’s highest civilian honor.  The purpose of this day is to spread awareness among people about the benefits of science. 

World Science Day 2023 Quotes and Slogan 

  • Scientists study this world as it is.  Engineers create a world that never was. 
  • Science is the discovery of the principles that have always existed on earth. 
  • Many scientific beliefs are wrong or misleading;  This is completely right. These are the windows of attainment of truth. 
  • It is the special thing of the religion of science that this fact does. 
  • Science can bring out disease and poverty, but in return it has the ability to change social unrest. 

Event and Theme of 2020

  • Science played an important role in addressing, handling and coping with the challenges arising during the global pandemic like COVID-19 in the last year i.e. 2020. 
  • To deal with Kovid-19, a conference was organized on the topic “Science for and with society in dealing with the Global pandemic”.
  • According to the scientific approach on Science Day of 2020, three aspects were adopted by UNESCO which are as follows;- Promoting international scientific cooperation, supporting ecological reconstruction and ensuring everyone’s access to clean water.

When is World Science Day celebrated? 

World Science Day is celebrated every year on 10 November. 

What is the theme of World Science Day 2023? 

Theme of World Science Day 2023– “Building trust in science“. 

Why is World Science Day celebrated? 

To create scientific temper among the people and to make the society aware about the benefits of science. To create awareness about the important role of science among citizens across the country. Connecting people to scientific issues and exposing them to this issue.  For these reasons, World Science Day is celebrated. I hope that you would have liked the information given by us, World Science Day 2023– World Science 2023 theme, slogan etc. Please do express your opinion in the comment box.

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