World Statistics Day. October 20, 2023 | How Statistics plays a Major Role in Human Life?

World Statistics Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, History, Developed Survey 
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World Statistics Day 2023: The third World Statistics Day will be celebrated globally on 20 October 2023.  World Statistics Day 2023 is a global collaborative effort, organized under the guidance of the United Nations Statistical Commission. 

History of World Statistics Day

The United Nations Statistical Commission at its 41st session in February 2010 proposed to celebrate 20 October 2010 as World Statistics Day.  The General Assembly adopted Resolution 64/267 on 3 June 2010, which officially celebrated World Statistics Day for the first time on 20 October 2010 with the general theme of “Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics”.  

After this, in 2015, the General Assembly, by resolution 96/282, declared 20 October 2015 as the second World Statistics Day with the general theme “Better data, better lives,” as well as to observe 20 October as World Statistics Day every five years.  decision made. 

World Statistics Day Theme

World Statistics Day Theme

The theme for World Statistics Day 2023 is “Better data, better lives“.  The theme reflects the importance of trust, authoritative data, innovation and people’s well-being in national statistical systems. 

National Statistics Day in India

National Statistics Day in India

The day of 29 June is considered very important in India.  This day is celebrated every year as National Statistics Day.  The importance of statistics plays a very important role in social, economic policy, financial decisions.  Without this, it is not possible to do any major analysis, research and analysis. 

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Its basic objective is to understand the importance of statistics along with the path of planning and development in the lives of the people. 

Prasanth Chandra Mahalanobis

Prasanth Chandra Mahalanobis

He was born on 29 June 1893 in Kolkata and died on 28 June 1972 in Kolkata.  He was the first Indian statistician to get world recognition.  In 1933, he founded the first Indian statistical journal No.  Mahalanobis also contributed to the planning of large-scale sample surveys leading to the establishment of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). 

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He acquired scholarly degree in Anthropometry in India.  He was also a member of the Planning Commission (PC) from 1955 to 1967.  Mahalanobis was the architect of the second five year plan.  The Second Five Year Plan relied on Mahalanobis mathematical description of the Indian economy.  This plan spurred the massive development of industry in India and later became known as the Nehru-Mahalanobis model and the core industry strategy of economic development. 

National Statistics Day Quotes

  •  Remember the importance of statistical information for analysis and informed policy decision-making in support of sustainable development and root for it.
  • “Those who ignore Statistics are condemned to reinvent it.” Wish you a very happy World Statistics Day. Happy World Statistics Day to all
  • We must all remember that satistics are not just numbers but are also the key ingredients in the formulation of right plans and policies of a country.
  • Statistics is a catalyst for the modern life and the basis of government and community planning. Maintain it. 
  • Better data leads to better lives for everyone. Best wishes to you on this occasion of World Statistics Day.

Developed sample survey 

Actually, a sample survey was developed by Mahalanobis.  Under this method, a large-scale survey is conducted by taking a sample for the population and then after analyzing it, a plan is prepared on the basis of the findings.  Mahalanobis had analyzed the jute crop and told how production can be increased.  

World Statistics Day 2023 | Why Reliable Data & Statistics Are Important | Stats In Daily Life | Credit: India Narrative

This special experiment by him opened the way for large-scale analysis to a great 

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