World Teachers Day 2021: Date, History, Significance, Objective, Theme, Quotes and Messages

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World Teachers Day 2021 Date, Theme, Quotes, History, Significance
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World Teachers Day 2021: Just as Teachers Day is celebrated in India to promote teachers, in the same way International Teachers Day is celebrated all over the world to explain the role and responsibilities of teachers. Teacher’s Day is also celebrated internationally, but different days are prescribed for them.  In some countries this day is a holiday.

World Teachers Day 2021 Date

Internationally it is celebrated on 5 October.  The purpose of celebrating this day is to honor the importance of teachers and their contribution.  Just as ‘Teacher’s Day’ is celebrated in India to promote teachers, in the same way ‘International Teacher’s Day’ is celebrated all over the world to explain the role and responsibilities of teachers.

History of World Teacher’s Day

In 1966, a meeting of UNESCO and the International Labor Organization was held in which it was said to make guidelines with the rights, responsibilities, employment and further education of teachers. 

UNESCO’s recommendation was passed in 1994 with the support of 100 countries to celebrate World Teachers’ Day internationally in the United Nations.  After this, International Teacher’s Day started being celebrated from 5 October 1994.  By the way, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.

Significance of World Teacher’s Day

International Teacher’s Day aims to bring people’s attention to appreciation, evaluation and improvement of teachers around the world.  In the world, importance is given to the responsibility of teachers, their authority and their preparation for further studies.

Objective of World Teacher’s Day

The main objective of World Teachers Day was to promote cooperation towards teachers and to bring awareness to the importance of teachers to meet the needs of future generations. 

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Today this day is celebrated in about a hundred countries around the world.  On this day many programs are organized in schools and colleges etc. in honor of their teachers and gurus.

Theme for World Teacher’s Day 2021

This year the theme of World Teachers’ Day 2021 is – Teachers: A new vision for the future in the midst of a growing crisis.  International Teachers’ Day is celebrated in partnership with UNICEF, International Labor Organization and International Education.

Teacher’s Day in India

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President and second President of independent India, was born on September 05, 1888, due to which ‘Teachers’ Day’ is celebrated in India in the memory of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.  Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year in India on 5th September.

When is International Teacher’s Day celebrated in which country of the world?

Different days are fixed for ‘Teacher’s Day’ in the world:-

  • ‘International Teacher’s Day’ is celebrated in UNESCO since 1994.  To promote cooperation towards teachers in the society and to realize the responsibilities of the teacher, ‘International Teacher’s Day’ was started in UNESCO.
  • Methods were changed in America for the first ‘Teacher’s Day’, then it was decided to celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’ in the first week of May.  Even today in America ‘Teacher’s Day’ is celebrated throughout the week.
  • Teacher’s Day was introduced in China in 1931 and later in 1939, Confucius’s birthday, August 27, was declared Teacher’s Day but it was canceled in 1951.  Then in 1985, September 10 was declared Teacher’s Day, but at present, most Chinese citizens want Confucius’s birthday to be Teacher’s Day.
  • Earlier ‘Teacher’s Day’ in Russia was celebrated on the first week of October, but in 1994 it was decided that ‘Teacher’s Day’ would be celebrated in Russia on 05 October.
  • Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the 7th President of Argentina, is known as a great thinker, writer and educationist.  Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 11 in Argentina due to his valuable contribution in the field of education.
  • Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the last Friday of October in Australia, April 13 in Ecuador, the first Saturday of June in Hungary and October 14 in Poland.
  • Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 28 March in the Czech Republic.

World teachers in Other Countries 

  • After the assassination of Ayatollah Morteza on May 02 in Iran, ‘Teacher’s Day’ is celebrated.  Ayatollah Morteza was one of the famous professors of Iran, in whose memory Iran celebrates ‘Teachers Day’ on 02 May.
  • Teacher’s Day is celebrated in Indonesia on 25 November in the name of ‘Hari Guru’.
  • Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 01 September in Singapore.  On this day there is a holiday here and no special event takes place.  All the events are organized here a day before Teacher’s Day and after half the time the schools are closed.
  • On March 7, 1867, the first school to teach in the Albanian language was opened in Albania, due to which Teacher’s Day is celebrated here on March 07.
  • Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 22 June in El Salvador.  This day is a national holiday in El Salvador.  February 28 is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in Oman, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco and other Islamic countries.

World Teachers Day 2021 Quotes and Messages

World Teachers Day 2021 Quotes and Messages

1. Guru is not only the one who teaches us in class but every person from whom we learn is our guru

2. Education is the penance that makes a living being human

3. Kabir Das ji says – Guru Gobind dou khade, kake lagoo paye.  Balihari Guru Aapna, Jinh Govind Diyo Milaye

4. The place of Guru is above even God because Guru is the one who guides us to reach God.

5. Knowledge is written in books also, by connecting that knowledge with life experience, the education that the Guru gives us makes our life meaningful.

6. Without education, human being is also an animal

7. The biggest responsible person for building the future of children is their teacher.

8. Lord Rama and Shri Krishna himself also needed a Guru because education is not possible without a Guru.

9. Without a guru you can only read books, you cannot become knowledgeable

10. A teacher is a person who conveys the essence of his experiences to his students and inspires them to learn from mistakes.

Credit: UNESCO 

World Teachers Day 2021 Messages

11. Teachers make a successful nation.

12. The donation of knowledge is said to be the biggest charity because the donation of money gives happiness for a limited time but knowledge gives happiness throughout life.

13. It is the responsibility of the teacher to not only give bookish knowledge to the children but also to give good values.

14. Your Sanskars Tell What Your Gurus Have Taught You

15. Guru is the creator of a child’s intellect.

16. Had there not been a Guru who gives knowledge, the world would still have wandered in ignorance.

17. Teacher is the person who takes us from ignorance to knowledge

18. Kabirdas has said that it is not possible to describe the glory of the Guru in words.

19. Guru is the one who lights the lamp of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance and all darkness disappears.

20. The aim of education should not be only to get a job, but all round development of the child should be the main aim of education.

World Teachers Day 2021 Quotes and Slogans

21. Guru has no age, if you learn anything from a person younger than you, then he is your guru.

22. There is no age to acquire education, a person learns throughout his life

23. The person whose learning ends, understand that his life is over

24. Mother is the first teacher of the child.

25. A person learns most of his life from the society and then from the people of his company.

26. The person who is not able to respect his education and guru, he can never be successful in life

27. The parents give birth to the child but the teacher builds the child’s intellectual

28. Your mistakes are your biggest teacher.

29. Forget the past but never forget the lessons learned from past mistakes.

30. A great teacher not only imparts knowledge but also inspires the child.

31. It is also the duty of a teacher to awaken the hunger for studies in children.

32. Teachers should make education so easy that all students can understand it easily.

33. The teacher is the one who can read the mind of the children

34. Teachers motivate students to ask questions as it is their right

35. Teachers should not discourage children if they ask wrong questions, but give them the knowledge of right

36. The relationship between a teacher and a student is one of the greatest relationships on earth.

37. The teacher lays the first stone of the future of children

38. Teacher is the most respected person in the society

39. Mistakes are the biggest teacher, learn from them

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40. Those who shy away from teaching others can never become good teachers

41. Education is the most priceless commodity for which no price can be paid

42. The difference between humans and animals is that man learns and takes education

43. The teacher is the jeweler who polishes the mind of the students and makes them shine like a diamond

44. The biggest aim of education is to build good character

45. The biggest difference between literate and educated is that literate has only bookish knowledge but educated person has knowledge of good, bad, right, wrong, good, misdeed, every subject.

46. ​​Be Educated Not Just Educated

47. A true teacher teaches from his own experiences, not from books

48. Mother is the greatest teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness

49. Success is not a good teacher but failure is a good teacher

50. Unless the fear comes out of the mind in the children, they cannot get a good education.

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