World Thrift Day 2023: When and why celebrate International Thrift Day? Know its history, importance and some shopping tips

World Thrift Day 2021 History & Importance Some Shopping Tips
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World Thrift Day 2023: Today’s savings come in handy tomorrow.  The appropriate line is no less than a miraculous mantra as the imagination of the bright future of the common man.  Perhaps in view of this importance of saving, the date of 31 October would have been declared as International Savings Day.  However, National Savings Day is celebrated on 30 October every year in India. 

World Thrift Day Importance

The meaning of saving is to use the resources wisely and carefully, so that it can be useful in emergency.  It is well known that financial resources are limited, hence the security of money becomes essential for the hi-fi lifestyle and security of the country’s economy.  Therefore, World Savings Day also focuses on the financial security of the country. 

World Thrift Day Objective

The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote and promote the importance of saving.  We get to learn money saving lessons from our elders.  In today’s perspective it has become the biggest necessity of life.  Because the importance of money has increased from a common man to a special person.  

This savings plays an important role not only in personal life but also in the operation or development of the country.  Also read :Dhanteras 2023: Do shopping before Dhanteras!  After 60 years, the great time of shopping is being made again 

World Thrift Day History

World Thrift Day History

International Savings Day was established on 30 October 1924 in Milan, Italy.  The first World Savings Bank was held during the Congress (World Society of Savings Banks).  On the last day of the Congress, Italian Professor Filippo Raviza declared this day as ‘World Savings Day’.  In the resolutions of the Congress, it was decided that ‘World Savings Day’ would be dedicated to the promotion of savings all over the world.  

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Its purpose was to encourage people to maintain trust in banks, which had almost ended after the First World War.  Initially the public was made aware about the importance of saving money through support of schools, offices, women’s associations, sports etc.  Saving became a need of the people after the Second World War. 

These tips will be useful in saving you from extravagance in shopping 

Whether it is World Thrift Day online or offline shopping, it is sure to be extravagant, which is regretted a lot later.  So on the occasion of World Savings Day, we will know about some such tips which will help you in saving from this wasteful expenditure. 

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Woman holding a lot of shopping bags 

Shopping enthusiasts do not wait for offers and discounts, they just need a chance to shop and in such a situation they buy many other things apart from the need which are not needed.  This habit is seen more in women.  So today we will share with you some such tips by following which you can stop wasteful spending to a great extent. 

World Thrift Day Poster | International Saving Day Drawing Easy | Drawing on World Savings Day | Credit: Misha.Prayu. Show

Some Shopping Tips

  • Avoid the illusion of 99: Nowadays the price tag of the products of most of the big companies is written in this way, a certain item is Rs.999.  In such a situation, in a hurry while buying the same, people feel that the price of this product is within the range of Rs 900 but in reality its price is 1,000.  In the language of psychology, this is called the left digit effect and due to this, people often get confused and buy the same. 
  • Avoid trials: The salesmen of outfits are given such training that they urge even the window shopping customers that if they don’t like it, don’t mind but try the dress once.  Usually after taking a trial, when people like a dress, they buy it even if they do not want to. 
  • Stay away from shopping basket: If your budget is limited and you have not gone with the intention of buying more items, then do not keep items in the shopping basket.  This will soon fill both your hands and you will feel like you have bought a lot. 
  • Avoid one free with one : Limited time discount, Buy one get one free, Buy one and get 50 percent off on other… These methods act as traps to lure customers.  Seeing such advertisements, most of the people think that the opportunity should not be lost.  That’s why they also buy non-essential things with free offers. 
  • Make a shopping list first: Before going on festival shopping, you should make a list of essential things.  With this, your attention will remain on the things written in the list and you will be saved from buying unnecessary things. 
  • Do not carry a credit card with you: While doing festival shopping, carry a debit card with you, but always leave the credit card at home.  When you have a credit card, then again and again this thought will come in your mind, now do shopping with it and next month you will pay the bill comfortably.  This unnecessarily increases the burden of liability on you.

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