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International Friendship Day 2021: The relationship of friendship is considered the most precious in the world. It may not be a blood relation, but it is the most beautiful relationship in the world, which is done from the heart.  This is the feeling in which a person never feels alone.  Friendship is such a relationship, which is maintained from birth till death. 

Friendship is the most beautiful gift in the world, because friends are the companions of happiness and sorrow of our life along with making life pleasant.  In this world, apart from parents, friendship is the only relationship in which we feel a sense of belonging.  In such a situation, in this article, we tell you when and why International Friendship Day is celebrated. 

What is the History of International Friendship Day?

History of International Friendship Day
History of International Friendship Day

On this occasion, it is also important to know why International Friendship Day is celebrated and what is its history.  So let us tell you that it started in the year 1919.  The credit for this goes to Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards.  It was a time when people used to send cards to their friends by wire on Friendship Day.  Another thing that is related to the beginning of this day is that Friendship Day is believed to have started in the 1960s.  According to this belief, this beginning is considered to be from the United States.  It is said that at that time there was a tradition in America to tie friendship bands with political rallies.  However, from the year 2011, the United Nations has fixed its date. 

When is International Friendship Day celebrated in India?

When is international Friendship Day Celebrated
When is international Friendship Day Celebrated

International Friendship Day is celebrated in India on the first Sunday of August every year.  This time i.e. in the year 2021, International Friendship Day will be celebrated in India on August 1, 2021. 

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Why is International Friendship Day celebrated? 

Why is International Friendship day celebrated
Why is International Friendship day celebrated

International Friendship Day was started in 1935 in America.  Let us tell you that on the first Sunday of August, a person was killed by the US government. In whose memory and sorrow, a friend of his had committed suicide.  Since then, the government had decided to celebrate that day on the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day.  Since then the practice of celebrating this day is going on.  International Friendship Day is celebrated every year to keep the spirit of friendship alive and to make the moments of friendship memorable. 

How is International Friendship Day celebrated? 

To make friendship memorable on this day, friends go out for a walk with their companions.  Eat delicious food.  Give each other a gift of their choice.  On this special day, we celebrate this day by giving each other colorful friendship bands or ribbons and flowers.  By sharing photos together on social media, we celebrate this day of friendship with great pomp in a special way.  Friendship day has become more popular with the advent of social media. 

Theme for International Friendship Day 2021

International Friendship Day 2021 theme
International Friendship Day 2021 theme

The theme for this year is “Sharing the human spirit through friendship.” Conceptualizing this particular day with a theme is yet another way through which we acknowledge and praise the peculiar bond of friendship. The relationship of friendship has been considered very special in the world.  A friend is a person who is neither above you nor below you.  The relation of friendship is the relation of equality.  In which you can tell all the things to your friend which you cannot share with anyone.  

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Love, trust and sacrifice are the most important things in this relationship.  In such a situation, every year on the first Sunday of August, the whole world celebrates friendship.  This year Friendship Day is being celebrated on 1st August 2021.  In such a situation, if you also want to celebrate this day but you do not have any best friend or you are not someone’s best friend, then we are going to share some tips with you.  By adopting whom you can become someone’s best friend. 

Unique Experiments done during the Corona Pandemic

A young man who graduated in engineering from Rajasthan’s Jhalawar district has claimed to have made a watch-like “hand sanitizer” that can be worn on the wrist.  It is named ‘Ko Rakshak’.  Twenty-five-year-old Ejaz Shaikh’s mother is a health worker and she was worried that her mother might get infected with the corona virus and that is why she has created this device, which will always be tied on the wrist and which can be used once empty.  Can be refilled later. 

International Day of Friendship 2021 – 30 July International Friendship Day – Happy Friendship Day | Credit: FB Vlog

Up to 15 ml of sanitizer can be filled in this band that is tied on the wrist.  It is two inches wide and one inch long.  At present, it is being sold through the e-commerce website.  He said that he made this device in January after four failures. You can also give such equipment to your friends. 

What Gift to give to a Friend on Friendship Day 2021, which will keep him Healthy too 

You can give healthy tools to your friend. Apart from this, stylish bands are also in trend.  There are many different types of friendship bands available in the market.  Apart from this, you can also gift a fitness bend to a visiting friend.  If your friend is conscious about his health, then according to his need, you can give him a yoga mat, healthy diet kit. 

Can give more gifts- 

To make Friendship Day special, you can plan a meeting with your friend in the safe zone.  During this you can cook something healthy or you can also order some healthy food with your friends.  If you have not worked out with friends for a long time, then today is the best day.  Why not go to a friend’s house where there is an option to work out… 

Beneficial for your health 

You can make better use of this Friendship Day for your mental health.  During the Corona period, due to social distance, a lot of mental tension has been seen among the people.  On this day, you can relieve your stress by meeting with friends online or in an offline safe zone. 

International Friendship Day 2021: If you want to be someone’s best friend, then follow these 4 tips

Know 4 Steps for friendship
  • 1. Taking care of each other’s likes and dislikes – A good friend is the one who cares about your likes and dislikes.  What does your friend like to do, what does he not like to do, where does he want to go, what does he not like to eat, etc.  You must take care of many such things. 
  • 2. Sharing things- You should share all kinds of things with your friend.  Whenever you are in trouble or there is a matter of happiness.  You can also get some good suggestions from this. 
  • 3. Don’t feel bad – Never feel bad about each other’s words in the relationship of friendship.  Maybe your friend is scolding you about something, someone is stopping you from doing work etc.  So you should see the goodness behind it.  You should not think why this friend of yours is refusing you to smoke etc. 
  • 4. Always be there to help – You should never hold back from helping your friend.  A true friend helps his best friend in every situation.  That’s why you should always be ready to help. 

On this special occasion, do not forget to congratulate your friends on this loving relationship.  To make your day special, send these lovely Friendship Day messages and quotes to your friends. 

Friendship Day Messages and Quotes For Sharing

International Friendship Day Quotes and messages
International Friendship Day 2021 Quotes and Messages

There are never any rules in the friendship of friends, And there is no school to teach this.

– International Friendship Day 202

Not all friends are the same Some are not ours even though we are

felt after befriending you Who says stars are not on the ground.

International Friendship Day 2021 

After years, I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know who will be my friend and if I meet again, I will meet in memories like dry roses are found in books.

Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship is not a discovery, friendship does not happen with anyone everyday, do not consider our presence in your life without reason, because eyelashes are never a burden on the eyes.

International Friendship Day Message

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