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World Kindness Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, History, Significance
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World Kindness Day 2021: Hello visitors welcome to our website SamacharKhabar.Com Today we will talk about world kindness day.  Let us tell you that world kindness day is celebrated every year on 13th November, this day is also called World Kindness Day in Hindi.  In this article of ours today, you will know why the world kindness day is finally celebrated.  Apart from this, you are going to see many quotes on world kindness day and kindness today. 

World Kindness Day was first started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, which was the formation of like-minded compassionate organizations from around the world at the 1997 Tokyo Convention.  The World Kindness Movement currently includes over 28 nations that are not affiliated with any religion or political movement.  The World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day aim to create a better world by inspiring individuals and nations to do more kindness. 

History of World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day History in English

World Kindness Day 2021 is an international event celebrated every year on 13 November.  It was introduced by the World Kindness Movement in 1998 in a coalition of kindness non-governmental organizations of nations.  It is celebrated in many countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.  In 2009, Singapore celebrated the day for the first time Italy and India also celebrated the day.  In the UK, David Jamilly has co-founded Mercy Day Britain.  In 2010, at the request of Michael Lloyd-White, the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens wrote to the Minister of Education of the NSW Department of Education about the NSW school calendar to inform World Kindness Day. 

In 2012 at the request of the President of World Kindness Australia, World Kindness Day 2021 was placed on the federal school calendar and the then Minister of School Education, Early Childhood and Youth Honorable Peter Garrett, with a declaration of support for World Kindness Australia and more than 9000  For schools placed World Kindness Day on the national school calendar.  World Kindness Day, focusing on the positive force and common thread of kindness, aims to uncover good deeds in the community that binds us. 

Why is World Kindness Day celebrated?

Why is World Kindness Day celebrated

You must have heard the proverb that only a human being is useful to a human being, but this proverb has become a mere proverb and today no one follows it.  Let us tell you that in a run-of-the-mill life, no one has any time to help someone. 

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Let us tell you that ‘world kindness day 2021‘ is celebrated for this reason so that there will be a feeling in the people to help each other.  This festival is celebrated all over the world to awaken the lamp of humanity that has been extinguished within the human being. 

Meaning of kindness in English 

Many qualities of a person have been described in Indian culture, one of which is kindness.  Mercy is considered the highest religion.  If there is no humanity or kindness in the life character of a person, then he is nothing more than an animal.  Kindness is the quality of having good feelings and concern for others.  Kind person always helps the people of the society and is very sensitive towards other human beings. 

Mercy means virtue which has become a question in today’s selfish life, where people do not see anything except their selfishness, take some time in their life to help someone, bring happiness on someone’s face and to help someone.  Giving food has become a very difficult question. 

In today’s time people have become so engrossed in themselves that they can never think of anyone else.  Kindness is a quality of being polite and considerate to others, which is rarely seen in people these days.  Human beings are continuously exploiting nature for the fulfillment of their selfishness and are using innocent and innocent animals and birds for food, which is no doubt if called the extreme limit of human cruelty. 

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The quality of kindness is found in only a few people out of hundreds and it proves to be a boon to everyone around whom they live.  Just as a candle burns itself to light up the world, in the same way people with such thoughts do not shy away from doing something good for others regardless of their own concern.  In other words, kindness means doing someone a favor without any personal interest. 

Do this work on World Kindness Day

On World Kindness Day, people take a pledge to spread and commit to acts inspired by kindness and compassion in society, both at the individual and organizational level.  In this way, every participant who joins the campaign of World Kindness Day makes a positive contribution towards making this world better. 

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It is said that the infinite grace of God remains on the people who show kindness.  There is also truth in the fact that there is self-satisfaction by showing kindness.  John Ruskin said on kindness, ‘A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a lot of money.  Great men have often given their views on kindness. 

  • Mercy is the biggest religion – Mahabharata 
  • Where there is mercy there is religion, where there is greed there is sin. Where there is anger there is time, where there is forgiveness.  – Kabirdas
  • Mercy is a natural quality of man – Premchand 
  • Small acts of kindness, little words of love make our earth heavenly – Julia Carney 
  • I have been sent for mercy, not to curse – Hazrat Mohammad 
  • He who does not show mercy to the helpless, has to bear the tyranny of the powerful – Sheikh Saadi 

World Kindness Day 2021 Quotes

World Kindness Day 2021 Quotes
  • “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” – Dalai Lama 
  • “Three things are important in human life: the first is to be kind;  The second is to be kind;  And the third is to be kind” – Henry James 
  • “Be kind, everyone is fighting an uphill battle” – Plato 
  • “My religion is very simple.  My religion is mercy” – Dalai Lama 
  • Treat everyone with humility and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are” Roy T. Bennett 
  • “Pity is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain

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