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New Delhi: Sarla Thakral Google Doodle: Google has paid tribute to India’s first female pilot Sarla Thakral by making a doodle.  He flew the plane in 1936 and made history with it. 

Life Introduction of Sarla Thakral

Sarla Thakral Life Introduction

Sarla Thakral was born on 15 March in New Delhi, India. He had taken training in aviation at the Flying Club opened in Delhi in 1929 and had accumulated over a thousand hours of experience.  She met her future husband PD Sharma at the Flying Club in Delhi. After marriage, her husband encouraged her to become a commercial pilot. Taking encouragement from her husband, Sarla Thakral started taking training in Jodhpur Flying Club.

The Lahore airport witnessed the historic moment.  When 21-year-old Sarla Thakral fixed the pallu of her sari and boarded a two-seater plane named Gypsy Moth. She put glasses on her eyes and flew the plane alone in the sky.  Flying a plane was considered a big deal in those days and above all, the male dominated the area at that time.  In this way Sarla Thakral became the first woman pilot of India.

Google remembered Sarla Thakral, India’s first female pilot flew the plane wearing a Sari

India first female pilot flew plane wearing sari

Google has wished Indian pilot, design and entrepreneur Sarla Thakral on her 107th birthday in a unique way.  Google has paid tribute to Saral Thakral by making a doodle on his birth anniversary.  Thakral was the first woman pilot in India to fly a plane wearing a sari.  He made history in 1936 when he stepped into the cockpit of a small two-winged plane.

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Sarla Thakral is known as the first woman to fly a plane in India.  He was born on this day (8 August) in 1914 in British India.  She got the inspiration to fly the plane from her husband PD Sharma, who was a trained pilot.  There were nine pilots in his family.  Sarla Thakral was a member of Lahore Flying Club.  She got married at the age of 16, but she kept her dreams alive even in the midst of family responsibilities. 

Google Doodle on India’s first female pilot Sarla Thakral

Google has paid tribute to India’s first female pilot Sarla Thakral by making a doodle.

Sarla Thakral was History Created at the Age of 21

Sarla Thakral History was create at the age of 26

Sarla Thakral made history in 1936 when she flew a small two-winged aircraft for the first time.  At that time she was only 21 years old and she was the mother of a four-year-old daughter.  She stepped into the cockpit wearing a traditional sari, which sent a message to the world that flying in the sky was no longer the domain of men only.  However, only three years later, a mountain of sorrow broke in his life, when Captain PD Sharma died in a plane crash in 1939. 

Google celebrates India’s first woman pilot, Sarla Thukral’s 107th birthday with Google Doodle | Credit: The Economic Times

After the death of her husband, Sarla Thakral started preparing for a commercial pilot, but it was the time of World War II, which put an end to her career.  Sarla Thakral later studied fine art and painting from the Mayo School of Arts in Lahore, which is now known as the National College of Arts.  She came to India after partition in 1947.  She was living in Delhi, where she continued her work of painting.

Sarla Thakral was also a Painter, Jewellery Designer, Entrepreneur 

Later, he made a successful career in designing of jewelery and clothes.  She went on to become a successful woman entrepreneur, painter and costume designer.  She married RP Thakral in 1948.  He is counted among the devoted followers of Arya Samaj.  It is said that after joining Arya Samaj, there was a possibility of his second marriage and he prepared himself for it.  He passed away on March 15, 2008.  Google today paid tribute to him on his birth anniversary with a doodle.

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Sarla Thakral Quotes

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It wasn’t so much my husband. My father-in-law was even more enthusiastic and got me enrolled in the flying club. I knew I was breaching a strictly male bastion but I must say the men, they never made me feel out of place.

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