World Tourism Day 2023: Date, History, Quotes, Celebration and Messages

World Tourism Day 2021 Theme, Quotes, Activities, Celebration
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Last Updated on 26 September 2023 IST | World Tourism Day 2023 is being celebrated all over the world on 27 September. There are many such people around the world who are very fond of traveling, they are so fond of roaming that they forget about other things and focus only on their roaming. 

Travel Craze is increasing in Youth

Nowadays, there is a lot of craze among people for traveling, it is said that the more different people you meet, the more you get to learn in your life.  Along with this, it helps to understand the civilization and culture of other countries and cities.  Tourism is a very beautiful way of connecting one country to another.  In such a situation, let us know why it is celebrated and when it started. 

Why is Tourism Day celebrated?

Why is Tourism Day celebrated

You know that people of every city and country get employment through tourism.  Along with this, it is celebrated to bring awareness among the people about tourism as well as to promote tourism.  Any country which has good tourism, the economic condition of that country itself goes up.  The purpose of tourism day is to attract tourists from all over the country and abroad. 

World Tourism Day History

World Tourism Day History

The World Tourism Day celebration was started by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 1980, which is celebrated every year on 27 September.  This special day was chosen because on this day UNWTO was celebrated in 1970.  The law came into effect, which is considered a major milestone in the field of world tourism, aimed at raising awareness of the important role of world tourism in affecting international communities as well as social, economic, cultural, political values ​​on a global scale.  People have to be made aware about what it does. 

World Tourism Day 2023 Date

World Tourism Day 2021 Date

World Tourism Day 2023 will be celebrated on Monday, 27 September. This day is celebrated every year all over the world to make people aware with a particular topic.  The theme of the event was Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future in 2013 and Tourism and Community Development in 2014.  Perhaps the theme of this event in 2015 will be Millions of Tourists, Millions of Opportunities.  This day is celebrated every year on 27th September to make people aware about the importance of tourism. 

Every year a message to the general public UNWTO.  is sent by the Secretary General of the State to participate in the occasion.  It is celebrated with great interest by various tourism enterprises, organizations, government agencies and etc.  On this day various types of competitions like photo contests, tourism prize presentations with free entry, discounts/special offers etc. are organized for the general public to promote tourism.

Ideas for World Tourism Day Activities

  • Set your day to travel virtually.
  • Update your virtual background.
  • Get crafty with your travel mementos.
  • Pledge to be a responsible traveler on your next trip.
  • Support inspiring people working in tourism.

Tourism Increases World Economy 

Tourism has become a rapidly growing and developing economic sector around the world due to various attractive and new destinations for tourists.  So it has become the main source of income for the developing countries. 

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Although tourism has been the favorite pastime of people all over the world, but water based tourism also has its own special importance in tourism.  Many tourist destinations have developed around the world along the banks of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and India is no exception to this.  The main objective of celebrating World Tourism Day is to make the world community aware of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. 

Tourism in India and Famous Places

Tourism Places in India

Tourism has a special significance for countries like India.  The archaeological heritage or culture of a country like India is not only for the philosophical site, it is also considered a source of revenue and at the same time the livelihood of many people is also associated with the tourism sectors.  Today, looking at countries like India, almost all the countries of the world are giving protection to old and historical buildings. 

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India is a land of innumerable experiences and exotic destinations.  Be it grand monuments, ancient temples or mausoleums, its bright colors and rich cultural heritage are inextricably linked with its technology-driven present.  Places like

  • Kerala
  • Shimla
  • Goa
  • Agra
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Mathura
  • Kashi

Kashi are always in discussion for their foreign tourists.  Millions of foreigners come to visit India every year along with their people in India.  India has a great potential for tourism.  There are beautiful places for all types of tourists, whether they are on an adventure trip, a cultural trip or a pilgrimage or a trip to the beautiful beaches.  In states like Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, people spend months roaming around. 

The Cultural and Natural Beauty of India

There came a time when the tourist places of India started appearing in danger and it seemed that perhaps India will no longer be the first choice of tourists in the name of tourist destination.  Due to the economic slowdown and terrorism in the world, it seemed that tourists would no longer like to move to India, but it did not happen.  The cultural and natural beauty of India is so much that tourists could not stay away from seeing the beautiful views here for a long time. 

Campaign for the Indian Tourism

This is the reason that different schemes have also been implemented in different cities to attract foreign tourists to India.  The Indian Tourism Department started a new campaign in September 2002 named ‘Incredible India’.  The objective of this campaign was to promote Indian tourism on the global platform which was successful to a great extent.

Message by UNWTO SG on World Tourism Day| Credit: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Similarly, the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has given a chance to the people to enjoy tourism through the royal ride of the train.  Which was named ‘Palace on Wheels’.  This initiative of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has been considered to illuminate the name of India on the tourism map of the world. 

Role of airlines in tourism

Today tourists can also easily visit remote places in terms of tourism.  Allowing private sector airlines to fly in the country has also played an important role.  In the midst of the narrow distance, people are curious to know about the outside world as well.  This is the reason that today tourism has become a booming industry in the world. 

Year wise List of Themes of World Tourism Day

Themes of World Tourism Day 2021
  • The theme of 2002 was “Eco-tourism Key to Sustainable Development”. 
  • The theme of 2003 was “Tourism: a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony”. 
  • The theme of 2004 was “Sports and Tourism: Two Living Forces for Mutual Understanding, Development of Culture and Society”. 
  • The 2005 theme was “Travel and Transport: From the Fantasy of Jules Verne to the Reality of the 21st Century”. 
  • The theme of 2006 is “Enriching Tourism”. 
  • The theme of 2007 was “Tourism Opens Doors for Women”. 
  • The theme of 2008 was “Tourism Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change and Global Warming”. 
  • The theme of 2009 was “Tourism – A Celebration of Diversity”. 
  • The theme of 2010 was “Tourism and Biodiversity”. 
  • The theme of 2011 was “Tourism Connects Culture”. 
  • The theme of 2012 was “Tourism and Energetic Sustainability”. 
  • The theme of 2013 was “Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future”. 
  • The theme of 2014 was “Tourism and Community Development”. 
  • The theme of 2015 was “Millions of Tourists, Millions of Opportunities”. 
  • The theme of 2016 will be “Tourism for All – Promoting Global Access”. 
  • The theme for World Tourism Day in 2017 was “Sustainable Tourism – A Tool for Development”. 
  • The theme for World Tourism Day in 2018 was “Tourism and Cultural Conservation”. 
  • The theme for World Tourism Day in 2019 was “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All”. 
  • The theme for World Tourism Day in the year 2020 was “Tourism and Rural Development”.
  • The theme for World Tourism Day in the year 2023: Rethinking Tourism

World Tourism Day 2023 Quotes and Messages

World Tourism Day 2022 Quotes and Messages

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes and Messages for World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day 2023 Messages 

  • “Increase the employment opportunities in tourism.” 
  • “What is the use of collecting a lot of money, If you haven’t traveled much in your life.” 
  • “India is a land of spiritual tourism.
  • There is such an environment to give peace to the soul.” 

World Tourism Day 2023 Quotes 

  • “Message of Yoga, Peace and Spirituality, India’s tourism is special.” 
  • “Enjoy tourism in life, Do not punish yourself by imprisoning yourself in the boundary wall.” 
  • “Youth should travel.
  • This leads to mental, physical and intellectual development.”

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