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International Day of Sign Languages ​​2021: Know History, Importance and India’s First Sign Language Dictionary

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International Day of Sign Languages ​​2021 Theme, History and Quotes
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International Day of Sign Languages ​​2021 Sign language is very important for the development of deaf people.  The United Nations declared 23 September 2018 as the first International Day of Sign Languages.  Know other important things related to this- 

Information related to International Day of Sign Language

The language of conversation with the gestures of the hands, face and body of people who cannot hear or speak is called sign language.  Like any other language, sign language also has its own grammar and rules.  Sign language is very important for the development of deaf people.  It can also be called the mother tongue of deaf people. 

History of International Day of Sign Language

International Day of Sign Language History

The proposal to celebrate the International Day of Sign Languages ​​was proposed by the World Federation of the Deaf.  To raise awareness about the importance of sign language, the United Nations General Assembly declared 23 September 2018 as Sign Language Day.  Sign Language Day was celebrated for the first time in 2018 itself. With the announcement of a special day for Sign Languages, emphasis was also laid on making the services related to it to the deaf and deaf people soon. 

International Day of Sign Language 2021 Theme

The 2021 theme, declared by the World Federation of the Deaf, is “We Sign For Human Rights,” 

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According to the World Deaf Federation, there are about 720 million deaf people in the world.  Of these, 80 percent live in developing countries.  They use 300 different sign languages.  Sign language is the only way of communication for those who cannot hear or have hearing loss.  Sign language, like all languages, has been given the same level and importance.  The responsibility of governments around the world has been decided to promote the teaching and recognition of sign language. 

Importance of International Sign Language Day

Importance of International Day of Sign Language

The earliest evidence of sign languages ​​is found in Plato’s Cratylus in the 5th century BC, where Socrates says that “if we do not have a voice or a tongue and we want to express ideas to each other, can we  try to signal with their hands, head and other parts of the body, as silent people do at this time”.  In 1620 Juan Pablo Bonnet published the first book devoted to the dialogue of the deaf and deaf in Madrid. 

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After this, in 1680, Jorge Dalgarno also published a similar book.  In 1755 the Abbey de Lippi founded the first school for deaf children in Paris.  In the 19th century, many such schools were established in America and some other countries as well. 

India’s first sign language dictionary

There are about 800 schools in India where education is being done with the help of this, but this is not enough.  India’s first Sign Language Dictionary was launched in 2018.  It was translated from sign language into English and Hindi language. This dictionary acts as a bridge between these sign language and languages ​​like Hindi-English, so that the knowledge of sign language gets information about written English and Hindi. 

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Benefits of learning sign language 

Sign language is a natural language that is based only on body gestures.  It is also called a visual language which is visible only because this language cannot be written.  When it comes to learning sign language, you have two options.  The first is that you can learn it only for your hobby.  Secondly, after learning this language, you have one more option in your career. 

Better from career point of view 

If you have love-feeling towards this community, then you can help them by learning this language and joining any deaf social organization. During this time you can get a lot of information about this community.  After learning this language, you will have options to make a career in many working sectors such as government sector, mental health, medical, law to business.  If you have knowledge of sign language then you can make your career by joining any voluntary organization. 

WFD Press Release on the International Day of Sign Languages | Credit: World Federation of the Deaf

Also performing arts and many corporate companies can also hire you if you have knowledge of sign language because now the private sector also does not hesitate to hire the deaf.  After learning this language, you can also make a career in the media as a news speaker.  Let us tell you that many centers are working across the country for learning sign language, as well as courses like American Sign Language are being made online. 

International Sign Language Day 2021 Quotes

  • “Just idiotic hearing individuals imagine that hard of hearing individuals are moronic. Let’s celebrate the day when the tone of voice is not judged”
  • “Learning another dialect isn’t just learning various words for very similar things, however learning another approach to consider things”
  • “The deaf actually uses their hands to convey their messages , understand and respect the sign languages. Wishing the whole community a very interactive sign language day”
  • “Human eyes are the sign language of the mind. In the event that you watch them cautiously, you can see reality played out, crude and unguarded”
  • “The issue isn’t that the deaf doesn’t hear but its that the world chooses to ignore. This sign language day let’s learn how to communicate better”
  • “Despite the fact that I’m not familiar with sign language by far, I could have a genuinely better than average discussion. Use sign language and spread the message”
  • “You can never comprehend sign language until you understand the reason behind it”
  • “Sign language is the equal of speech, lending itself equally to the rigorous and the poetic, to philosophical analysis or to making love”
  • “Learning sign languages isn’t just learning various sign for very similar things, however learning another approach to consider things”
  • “I come from a place where you don’t need to talk all the time. There are sign languages you learn”
  • “I carry on with my life like every other person; everybody has their very own deterrents. Mine is deafness. Sign language gives me strength and way to communicate”
  • “Sign language is simply the equivalent of discourse, loaning similarly to the thorough and the idyllic, to philosophical examination or to having intercourse”

Good source of income 

There are many opportunities to make a career in this field.  Also, there is a good income in the initial phase.  If you join any foreign NGO or any medical field then you can get 20 to 25 thousand starting salary.  With the increase in experience, your salary will also increase.

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