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National Farmers Day 2021, History, Essay and Significance
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National Farmers Day Essay, Significance, Speech (National Farmers Day or Kisan Diwas 2021 significance, history, speech in English) Most of the income source of India is agriculture and farmers are an integral part of agriculture.  Farmers are such laborers who are unhappy even after working hard and are forced.  Today the most pathetic condition in India is that of the farmer.  After the independence of the country, every situation has improved, but there is no improvement in the level of the farmer.  Farmers are the foundation of the country, when there is a crisis on this foundation, then the foundation stone of the country is shaken.  Today the most needed is how to raise the level of farmer and farming?  How to make the country self-dependent in this direction? 

Agriculture in India

Agricultural work is the oldest and essential industry of mankind, even today the production of rice, wheat, almond or any fruit is important for human life, from which not only the farmers who produce, but the whole society gets benefit.  Agriculture has been the mainstay of work in India for centuries.  Therefore, it becomes very important to take care of the interests of the farmers here.  Even today, more than half the population in the country is dependent on agriculture, and agriculture in India has seen many dimensions of development.  

In the 60s, the Green Revolution changed the landscape of agriculture in the entire country along with Punjab and Haryana.  This not only led to the economic development of the country, but the need of the farmers was understood by every section, from the government to the common man.  In this sequence, to protect the respect and rights of farmers, the celebration of Kisan Diwas was also started. 

History of National Farmers Day 

This day is organized in the honor of former Prime Minister of the country, Chaudhary Charan Singh.  He was the fifth Prime Minister of the country.  Although he held this post only from 28 July 1979 to 14 January 1980, but during this time he had made many policies keeping in mind the interests of the farmers.  Many policies of Chaudhary Charan Singh not only protected the interests of the farmers but also inspired them to unite and fight with the landlords.  He had followed “Jai Jawan-Jai Kisan” in real form.  He was a writer and used his writing skills to write books on farmers’ problems and their solutions.  And thus, he made a lot of efforts to improve the living standards of the farmers.  

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It has been decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of this leader, who has always been popular among the common farmers of the country, as Farmer’s Day.  Everyone knows that farmers are the backbone of the country, so it is very important to protect their interests.  In this way, this day, celebrated in the honor of Charan Singh of farmer background, enhances the respect for farmers in the minds of Indians. 

  • This day is a holiday in Uttar Pradesh 
  • The goal is to make the public and the government aware of the farmer. 
  • Farmers are motivated towards modernity. 

Why is it celebrated? 

National Farmers Day is organized every year in all the states of India, even in those states where there is maximum agriculture, this day is no less than a festival like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and some others.  There is a lot of enthusiasm about this day in the states.  Many members of the farming community and rural community organize agriculture based programs together.  Efforts are made to bring awareness related to agricultural work through programs like many debate competitions, quizzes.  During this, many issues related to farmers are discussed, representatives of farmers are able to express their problems and issues, on this day those working for the development of farmers are also specially honored. 

Objectives of Farmers Day 

Life and existence of the world cannot be imagined without farmers, it is a matter of very happy luck that there is a section of our society who looks after our maintenance and in return if we protect their rights.  If you can do this, if you can raise their standard of living, then nothing can be better than this.  That is why it is necessary to celebrate Farmers Day.  So that the class providing basic commodities like fruits, vegetables and paddy to us can be connected with the main stream of the society.  

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In fact, it is also necessary for the farmers to be educated in order to make available the necessary investments, equipment and other necessary items for agriculture.  The government keeps on making various schemes for the farmers from time to time and also organizes many agricultural programs to give them benefits.  But even after all this, many times the necessary information does not reach the farmers, so the main purpose of celebrating Kisan Diwas is to inform the farmers about their interests along with their respect on any one day. 

How to celebrate National Farmers Day?  

There is no need to incur any special expenses or participate in the event to celebrate this day, for this you can celebrate Farmers Day in different ways from individual level to your institutional level.  If you want, you can go to the farmers market and shop, for this you just have to keep in mind that whatever you are buying, its purpose is to fulfill the need of the farmers.  You are helping to make their dreams come true, and through this channel you are bringing some essential items, which are fresh and cheap, by buying directly from the farmer, because you have ignored all the vendors in between. 

Pay Respect to Farmers

You can also spend a day taking your family and children among the farmers, and if you are capable and you understand any of their problems, then you can also help in solving them. Farmers are the most important class that contributes to the development of the country, so paying respect to them and celebrating a day for them not only serves political purposes, but this event also empowers the farmers socially. 

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  • On the day of Kisan Diwas, those leaders are honored who have done proper work for the development of the farmer of the country. 
  • Many workshops, seminars related to agriculture are organized on this day, through which information about how farmers can get relief from modern agriculture and coming disasters is given in detail. 
  • On the day of Farmers’ Day, agricultural scientists interact with the farmers, listening to their problems and giving solutions. 
  • On this day farmers are given the knowledge of a better and modern agriculture as well as they are motivated towards it. 
  • On the day of Kisan Diwas, farmers are told in detail about their rights and the facilities provided to them. 
  • In this way, farmers’ day is organized in different ways in each province. 

When is the National Farmers Day in the year 2022 (National Farmers Day 20222 Date)

Like every year, this year in 2022 too, National Farmers Day will be celebrated on 23 December. 

Events of 2021 for National Farmers Day

Like every year, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has prepared a special plan to celebrate this day, and has declared 23 December as a holiday.  On this day all the leaders who raised the voice of farmers’ interests will be honored, many programs like seminars, exhibitions and workshops will be organized for the development of rural areas and agriculture.  Agriculture related officers and scientists will communicate with the farmers, in which agriculture-based schemes and new information will be explained to the farmers and measures will be given to solve their problems.

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